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  1. Zairean president mobutu ___ seko
  2. Autocratic zairean president 1965 97
  3. Zairean autocrat mobutu _
  4. Late zairean dictator mob
  5. Shy zairean ruminant
  6. Only president to serve as both vice president and president without being elected to either office
  7. First vice president not to become president
  8. Similar names for a vice president and earlier president
  9. U.s. president who becomes the president of future earth on futurama
  10. Only president whose grandfather was also president
  11. President who said if you want to see your plays performed the way you wrote them become president
  12. President-___ (term for an incoming president prior to inauguration)
  13. President who was the son of a president
  14. First son of a president to become president
  15. Taft became its president after his term as u.s. president
  16. Where the vice president is president
  17. Ex-president who swore in president hoover
  18. President whose grandson wed a president's daughter
  19. First vice president to become president
  20. President whose wife went on to become president


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