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  1. 'satires' author
  2. Greek fabulist initiates all 12's satires or parodies
  3. Exaggerates importance of review of mad satires
  4. '___ satires & epistles' (classical roman work)
  5. Playful satires
  6. Satires poet
  7. Do satires address small planets?
  8. Greek writer cut short another writer, being intolerant
  9. 'a writer's life' writer
  10. Dear old wife and son with writer — this writer's?
  11. A writer to entertain this writer -- altogether subhuman types?
  12. 'the ghost writer' writer
  13. 'a writer's life' writer, 2006
  14. Writer who created the writer gideon zadok
  15. Writer kingsley or his writer son martin
  16. Powerful-sounding women's writer's women's writer
  17. Writer's or writer's writing son's out of order
  18. Paint a picture of retiring writer for old writer
  19. Hungarian writer's writer
  20. Brazilian writer jorge


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