The answer to this crossword puzzle is 8 letters long and begins with E

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Wrapped in pastry"

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  1. Encroute
    1. Wrapped in pastry and baked
    2. In the dough and done dealing with euro and cent
    3. Like some food in the course of journey that's kept cold
    4. On the way to secure the first course baked in pastry
    5. Absurd! euro cent baked in pastry
    6. One way to prepare food, cold, stopping on the way


  1. Wrapped in pastry and baked
  2. Layers of pastry rising, wrapped in case of soya
  3. Bundle of items wrapped for shipment
  4. Wrapped up in court?
  5. All wrapped (up)
  6. Too wrapped up in financial solvency
  7. Dreamland, wrapped in many sheets? on the contrary
  8. Latvian present's wrapped, a decoction
  9. Paraffin-wrapped cheese
  10. Things wrapped in foil
  11. They're wrapped in wool
  12. What the bluebottle thought on seeing more wrapped food?
  13. It may be wrapped in a bu
  14. Feeling tired and thirsty having wrapped stool up
  15. Rice with raw fish wrapped in seaweed
  16. Wrapped (up)
  17. Piece ragmen wrapped in paper
  18. It was wrapped around the
  19. Still wrapped up
  20. Produce game, one wrapped in pink paper


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  2. Unstressed syllable was tricky, children admitted
  3. Crested bird with salmon plumage
  4. Hot fragrant spice
  5. Freshwater fish of the subclass dipnoi that is able to breathe air
  6. Murder chess player for ivory?
  7. Done without pause
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