The answer to this crossword puzzle is 9 letters long and begins with S

CROSSWORD Answers FOR "Worry about itinerant pal lacking support"

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  1. Strapless
    1. Backward regions taking off, though lacking some support
    2. Like many gowns
    3. A place round which worry is taken off one's shoulders
    4. Like some elegant gowns
    5. Dress with no visible means of support
    6. A place beset by tension lacking support


  1. Itinerant itinerants lose one itinerant
  2. Concern for oneself brings worry, worry, worry
  3. Chose to join clamour in support of itinerant poet
  4. Consequential worry about eastern leader lacking force
  5. Wit lacking restraint has nothing to worry about
  6. Itinerant magician's prop turned king edward into queen elizabeth!
  7. Sacred itinerant holding distinction
  8. “the grapes of wrath” itinerant
  9. Itinerant
  10. Itinerant lecturer returning to collect degree
  11. Itinerant person
  12. Itinerant singer of songs a minstrel
  13. Fatter itinerant ignoring fine fish
  14. Itinerant monk; fishing fly
  15. Depression-era itinerant
  16. Cave-maintainers, itinerant pre-modern people
  17. Black dog owned by itinerant socialite
  18. Historical name for an itinerant actor
  19. Act the itinerant
  20. Food's dear in paris, itinerant repeated to mary


  1. Processing of ferric oxide, ultimately more intense
  2. Keep climbing
  3. Sort of battery with energy storage unit
  4. European wise after information related to age
  5. Conned a debt out of fellow reliant
  6. Some way through introductory pieces, music finally stops
  7. Noted false us claim
  8. A series of children's books by english author richmal crompton