1. Unknown replacing head on disney film primarily about african nation
  2. African country (z, not g)
  3. Country formerly known as northern rhodesia
  4. Country once northern rhodesia
  5. It touches tanzania
  6. Lusaka its capital
  7. Country in central africa, capital lusaka
  8. With odd exceptions jazzy backing marks rise of marimba here and there in part of africa
  9. Looking back, irish financial institution gets frenchman to take all the letters to zimbabwean neighbour
  10. Southern african country, formerly northern rhodesia
  11. It was formerly northern rhodesia
  12. It was once known as northern rhodesia
  13. After a lot of river i get acres of land
  14. Extremists travelling round reach timeless country
  15. The capital is lusaka
  16. Country editor in his element turned up
  17. Nation bordering victoria falls
  18. Malawi neighbor
  19. Formerly northern rhodesia
  20. In africa, mab and i get in there from a to z the other way
  21. Where i'm b.a. in from a to z
  22. African country bordering the most other countries
  23. Country previously known as southern rhodesia
  24. Southern african country, capital lusaka
  25. Northern rhodesia was its pre-independence name
  26. Northern rhodesia
  27. Country once known as northern rhodesia
  28. Looking back, bank manager initially provides all the letters from africa
  29. United nations member since 1964 (but not part of this puzzle's theme)
  30. United nations member since 1964
  31. Has a southern border with zimbabwe
  32. Country bordering zimbabwe also beginning with z

Crosswords containing the word "ZAMBIA"

  1. Capital inwardly greeting zambia's rootstock
  2. From niger to zambia: abb
  3. Major organisation, with zambia in fore, oddly reacted to global warming?
  4. Neighbor of zambia
  5. Capital of zambia?
  6. Dam on the zambezi shared by zambia and zimbabwe
  7. Country bordered by congo zambia and namibia
  8. In zambia, 100 ngwees
  9. West malaysia's currency subsuming zambia's (both dropping fourth or fifth) with excess liquidity?
  10. Lake on border between zambia and democratic republic of the congo