1. Shabby
  2. Tattered
  3. Beat
  4. Slightly tattered
  5. Dog-eared
  6. Needing patches
  7. In need of patching
  8. Threadbare
  9. Frayed
  10. The king and mother leave 11-across exhausted
  11. Old-looking
  12. Starting to come apart
  13. Bald, as tires
  14. No longer new, as clothing
  15. Like secondhand clothing
  16. In need of patching, e.g.
  17. A bit beat-up
  18. Sported on the body
  19. In need of a patch
  20. Showing signs of use
  21. Threadbare argument over the end of prohibition
  22. Like old clothing
  23. Looking tired and exhausted
  24. Ran off during huge success? yes, being frazzled
  25. Damaged by long use
  26. Shabby from use
  27. Unlike new clothes
  28. Come in first over river in tatters
  29. Faded piece of scrimshaw ornamentation
  30. Frayed, say
  31. Weathered
  32. Used and shabby
  33. Frayed as clothing
  34. __ out (needing to be replaced)
  35. Damaged as a result of much use
  36. ___ out (needing to be mended or replaced)
  37. Needing a patch
  38. ___ out (tired)
  39. I've ___ my fingers to the bone
  40. Well-used
  41. __-out: exhausted
  42. Needing patching
  43. ___ to a frazzle (exhausted)
  44. Starting to fray
  45. This time holding run, coming back exhausted
  46. Frayed and tired
  47. Frayed or tattered
  48. Threadbare tired

Crosswords containing the word "WORN"

  1. It may not be worn when it’s worn
  2. Near to things worn around the neck, yet they're not worn around the neck
  3. This would get worn in the plural as one would if one were worn out
  4. Item worn by women near item worn by men
  5. Bloomers worn around the
  6. Attire worn with frock co
  7. Sticker worn proudly in november
  8. Sash worn around the waist
  9. Piece of armor worn over the shin
  10. A formal item worn in greeting pilgrim