1. A quarrel
  2. Text ___
  3. See 26-across
  4. Linguistic units
  5. Like lyrics
  6. Proverbially, a picture is a worth a thousand ___
  7. They cross here
  8. Collected letters of poet without value
  9. Partner of music
  10. Lyricist’s output
  11. Dictionary entries
  12. They serve sentences
  13. Most crossword entries
  14. Lexicographer’s love
  15. A sentence has many strung together
  16. 'philosophy is common sense with big ___' (james madison)
  17. "eating __ has never given me indigestion": churchill
  18. "... long __ bother me": pooh
  19. Sheet-music credit
  20. They cross herein
  21. Dictionary fill
  22. Where ___ fail music speaks: hans christian andersen
  23. This is one of the cross ones
  24. Things said
  25. Lyricist's writings
  26. *features accompanying the comics, often
  27. ...text for actor's libretto
  28. Discussion of what you enjoy without 17
  29. They may be exchanged in anger
  30. They fail the speechless
  31. What one has to say with them
  32. Actions speak louder __; what you do matters most
  33. They’re spoken or written
  34. The most powerful drug used by mankind: rudyard kipling
  35. Units of language
  36. Arm first to back an argument
  37. The most powerful drug used by mankind rudyard kipling
  38. Angry exchange using weapons second initially pulled out
  39. You can mince them and eat them
  40. Language units
  41. They’re spoken or written

Crosswords containing the word "WORDS"

  1. When hamlet says "words, words, words"
  2. Only men like al can land in foulness and like it. (note: each theme answer is a word that can divide into two smaller words--like dozen, do, and zen--and all three words are defined in a "clue sentence." your job in each sentence is to separate the three real clues from the extraneous words.)
  3. Words of praise or words
  4. Words that can precede the last words of 19-, 39- and 60-across
  5. Two words before many words
  6. Words exchanged in a church (2 words)
  7. Words that connect each pair of four-letter words intersecting at a circle
  8. Ali baba's magic words (2 words)
  9. Words spoken at the altar (2 words)
  10. Words that may precede the first words of 18-, 40- and 62-across and 3- and 32-down