1. Bike stunt
  2. Like
  3. Bribe used around various dates in european parliament
  4. Cyclist's stunt
  5. Balancing act - sewiously?
  6. Bicycle stunt
  7. Something to pop
  8. Horse, lion with it
  9. Biking trick
  10. Cycle trick
  11. A bicycle trick and a bin
  12. Rider's trick: exuberant expression when on slope
  13. Cyclist's feat
  14. Express excitement at piece of fiction produced by lance armstrong perhaps
  15. Something round that is oft-seen in front of a bin
  16. Biker's hot-dog maneuver
  17. Motorcycle stunt
  18. Little story about hard balancing act
  19. Bike trick
  20. On balance, expect one with chopper could do this work for local scoundrel from ireland
  21. Short story about houdini's first balancing act
  22. A rhyme for really dangerous move on bike?
  23. Biker's trick
  24. Bike stunt on one tyre
  25. Cycling on just one half of a bicycle
  26. Autobot named for riding on the back tire only
  27. Stunt riding only on the back wheel of a bicycle
  28. Cycling trick with front raised off the ground
  29. It may be popped for fun
  30. Motorcycle trick, leaning backwards
  31. Bicycle stunt with one tire in the air
  32. Biker's stunt
  33. Biker's maneuver
  34. Expression of exuberance associated with invention of a bicycle trick
  35. Motorcycling stunt
  36. Simple bike trick
  37. Stunt on a bike with the front wheel in the air
  38. Stunt when a cyclist lifts up the front wheel

Crosswords containing the word "WHEELIE"

  1. Wheelie supporter
  2. Do a wheelie, horse-style
  3. One wheelie for bikers?
  4. It's off the ground during a wheelie
  5. This von sauerbronn invention was wheelie good
  6. Precursor of the wheelie bin
  7. Metal __, refuse container before wheelie bin days
  8. Perch for a wheelie perhaps
  9. ___ wheelie
  10. Something to do to a balloon or a wheelie