1. Oval cone not completely reshaped?
  2. Vesuvius, for example
  3. Mauna loa, e.g.
  4. Etna, for example
  5. Natural occurence results in melted rock
  6. A vent in the earth
  7. Peru's el misti, e.g.
  8. Eg vesuvius
  9. Mountain (could be a heavy smoker!)
  10. It emits lava
  11. Ante back for one such
  12. One gets heated and blows one's top
  13. Opening in earth's crust ejecting molten matter
  14. Scene of eruptions
  15. Short book about a conservative raised in st helens?
  16. Eg, etna
  17. Following 50500, perhaps, can nothing but what's hot come out of this?
  18. Left in very old tin, old type of firework
  19. The origin of a very heated issue
  20. Mount st. helens, for one
  21. Mount rainier, e.g
  22. Erupting crater
  23. Fifty can get inside to blow their top like this
  24. Although never cool, this might make the van cool
  25. Cool van travelling to hot mountain
  26. Exploding mountain
  27. Is nothing able to follow 5050, perhaps, coming out of the top of this? (7)
  28. Hole in crust here producing an eructation
  29. Very twisty col on a kind of mountain
  30. Type of mountain volunteer is shortly able to circle
  31. A mountain or hill that might erupt
  32. Lava source
  33. Does the coal in nov. get around to blowing its top?
  34. Spot for a blowout
  35. Can nothing at last be so hot as the outcome of this?
  36. Book accountant required just after climbing mountain
  37. Granite source
  38. Second part of 17 across
  39. A burning issue may arise from it
  40. Does coal come out of this during nov? (7)
  41. Etna is one, and stromboli
  42. Occasional erupter
  43. Coal is in nov, but may suddenly come out of it
  44. One potentially explosive book half concealed by accountant, isn't it?
  45. One expelling lava etc.
  46. The outcome of this is a fiery one
  47. Lava-spewing mountain
  48. The cool van always loses its cool
  49. Kilauea, for one
  50. Dormant or active mountain
  51. Eg, cotopaxi
  52. Eg, eyjafjallajökull
  53. Dangerous mountain like stromboli or etna
  54. Pyroclastic flow source
  55. Kilauea, e.g
  56. Performing on vocal my output is hot stuff
  57. It erupted with the end of balaclava
  58. The outcome of this makes one heated and explosive
  59. Crater emitting lava
  60. How can anything so hot make a van cool?
  61. Erupting hole in the earth's crust
  62. Vent in earth's crust
  63. Erupting fissure in the earth's crust
  64. One is likely to blow one?s top on the radio to preserve order
  65. Coal, no scuttles? after five it's probably covered in ash
  66. 1997 action film starring tommy lee jones and anne heche
  67. Tailless rodent is able to settle by old source of vents
  68. A sincere attempt to produce more
  69. Mountain containing lava
  70. A fissure in the earth's crust with molten rock
  71. Amount of outgoing?
  72. Mount erebus is the second-highest in antarctica
  73. Did a __ erupting cause dinosaur extinction?
  74. Mountain with a crater
  75. Mount kilimanjaro is a dormant __
  76. Mountain that spews lava
  77. Blue __ sponge are tubular and bright blue
  78. A mountain that erupts with lava
  79. A mountain that erupts hot lava
  80. Explosive mountain
  81. From this comes the lavatory for no tory
  82. When cut up, love has power - love has destructive power
  83. Source of hot lava
  84. Ultimate source of granite
  85. Universal studios' erupting water park, __ bay
  86. Iceland's eyjafjallajökul, a fiery eruptor
  87. Eg, vesuvius or etna
  88. Krakatoa for example

Crosswords containing the word "VOLCANO"

  1. Active ecuadorean volcano
  2. Tallest active volcano in europe
  3. Blow, as a volcano
  4. Volcano in verne's "journ
  5. Volcano's output
  6. Active japanese volcano
  7. Europes largest active volcano
  8. El ___ (peruvian volcano)
  9. Volcano in sicily
  10. Southernmost active volcano in the world or a cryptic hint to certain squares in this puzzle