1. Belvedere park locale, wi
  2. Papal authority
  3. Swiss guards' setting
  4. Vessel i’m able to show palace in rome
  5. __ city is the home of the pope
  6. The smallest state in the world
  7. Papal home landlocked nation
  8. It is the smallest country in the world
  9. Capital of vatican __ city
  10. Vessel with another following current coming to holy residence
  11. Papal hill and city
  12. Papal home
  13. Like 19 associated with an ecclesiastical centre
  14. Holy see
  15. Palace the holders, having overcome ipswich originally
  16. See city in lead a brief moment
  17. Religious centre provides container for wine - one tin
  18. Worried gang is boring entire pub
  19. With such a vessel i am able to get to rome
  20. Tax about to enter in the city
  21. Papal government
  22. Swiss guard's station, with "the"
  23. Current home of 63-across
  24. The pope's home
  25. Pope's palace in rome
  26. __ city state of the holy see
  27. World's smallest independent state, with "the"
  28. Site of the borgia apartments
  29. With the help of a big vessel i am able to get to rome
  30. Vessels guarding current roman hq
  31. ''angels & demons'' locale
  32. Church authority in the forefront at one hundred
  33. Rome surrounds it
  34. Prophetic article's religious authority
  35. Two vessels circling island palace
  36. I may hide in ruined vacant buildings in rome
  37. Papal authority to have vessels laden with incense, primarily
  38. Belvedere park locale, with 'the'
  39. Papal palace
  40. Pope's office unoccupied? not totally - italian's about to occupy it
  41. City within rome
  42. Papal state
  43. Independent state in rome
  44. Papal place
  45. Independent state within rome
  46. I am between two vessels in the city
  47. One wedged between two vessels in palace
  48. Pope's place, with "the"
  49. Residence of the pope
  50. Palace of the popes in rome
  51. Duty i'm able to find in rome
  52. Swiss guards' site
  53. Papal enclave
  54. Country completely surrounded by italy
  55. Ecclesiastical city
  56. Papal state in italy
  57. World's smallest country in area: __ city
  58. Small state where da vinci lived 1513-16
  59. Papal city
  60. City-state in rome that is the pope's hq
  61. __ city, papal residence at the heart of rome
  62. __ city; capital of the pope's city state
  63. The tax i can make for the head of his church there
  64. City-state in rome where the pope lives
  65. Religious body, one separating two vessels
  66. Nation within rome where the pope lives
  67. Papal home, landlocked city within rome
  68. Popes place with the
  69. The residence of the pope
  70. World's smallest country is this city in rome
  71. Headquarters of the catholic church
  72. City state inside rome where the pope lives
  73. Papal city state located within rome
  74. European city where latin is an official language
  75. City inside rome, home to the catholic church

Crosswords containing the word "VATICAN"

  1. Vatican jurisdiction
  2. Vatican figures
  3. Vatican vestment
  4. Pope when vatican city be
  5. Official decree from the vatican
  6. 12-time vatican name
  7. Vatican rules
  8. The vatican's home
  9. Vatican city, to rome, e.
  10. Vatican's locale