1. Anne rice's lestat, for o
  2. Bloodsucking spirit
  3. Dracula maybe in rage chasing seductive woman
  4. Viper sliding around before noon is deadly biter
  5. Dracula, for one
  6. Creature who might disagr
  7. A __ bat is known for sucking blood
  8. Blood sucker
  9. Creature that sucks blood and lives eternally
  10. Blood-sucking beast leaves two punctured wounds
  11. A __ squid has webbed legs and light-emitting spots
  12. Anne rice is the author of interview with the __
  13. Member of the living dead, drinks blood
  14. Sucker
  15. Corpse that crosschecks?
  16. Painting by edvard munch
  17. Anne rice's lestat, for one
  18. Nosferatu, for example
  19. Horror-movie villain
  20. One who's out for blood
  21. Blood-sucker
  22. Fanged monster
  23. A sucker's anger after victory over a politician
  24. Against a politician with anger -- one that's after blood
  25. A blood-sucker like dracula
  26. Transylvanian bloodsucker
  27. 'twilight' character
  28. Fanged fiend
  29. Bloodsucker in eastern european folklore
  30. Type of bat
  31. Halloween costume choice
  32. Legendary dead body that sucks blood
  33. Corpse that rises at night to drink the blood of the living
  34. State representative's passion for seductive woman
  35. It drinks the blood of the living by night
  36. Sucker who shows a lust for life's essential?
  37. Hammer staple?
  38. Interview with the ___, 1994 hallowe'en heart stopper
  39. Folklore creature traditionally averse to the starts of the answers to starred clues
  40. 'twilight' characters
  41. __ diaries tv show based on lj smith's novels
  42. See a member rage against extortioner
  43. Interview with the __; tom cruise gothic horror
  44. Twilight saga character
  45. Blood sucking bat
  46. Abraham lincoln: __ hunter, sci-fi movie of 2012
  47. Dracula is one
  48. Buffy, the __ slayer
  49. Interview with the __ by horror novelist anne rice
  50. Bat that feeds on blood
  51. Blood-sucking, cross-fearing creature
  52. Blood-sucking mythical creature
  53. Blood sucking creature of the night
  54. __ bat, blood-thirsty mammal
  55. __ bat, blood-sucking creature
  56. Dracula was one of these
  57. __ bat; fanged mammal with toxic saliva
  58. Folklore creature that feeds on blood
  59. Buffy the __ slayer, or the chosen one
  60. A blood-drinking corpse that rises from the dead
  61. Undead creature who feeds from live people's blood
  62. Creature who might disagree with the saying at the ends of 17-, 22-, 48- and 56-across
  63. Garlic repels this creature of the night
  64. Body that rises at night to drink the blood of the living
  65. Marceline's type of queen in adventure time
  66. Blood-sucking undead creature, e.g. dracula
  67. *garlic avoider, traditionally
  68. Bat in centre of oval, dickie bird once blowing his top
  69. Blood sucking horror movie ghoul
  70. Weekend, us band, sang father of the bride
  71. Halloween scarer
  72. Monster who drinks blood
  73. A fanged creature of the night, except in twilight
  74. Blood sucking monster said to transform into a bat
  75. Edward cullen, lestat, or drusilla
  76. This weekend released father of bride in 2019
  77. Blood sucking monster that cant be in daylight
  78. Flyer almost primeval in construction
  79. Blood sucker like dracula
  80. Kind of creature bram stokers dracula was
  81. A creature with fangs that drinks blood dracula
  82. Squid deep sea cephalopod with monstrous name
  83. Monster with fangs
  84. Undead monster that turns into a bat
  85. A nightmarish blood sucking monster
  86. Edward cullen and dracula are ones
  87. Patch up rage that can never die
  88. Academy, peacock series starring daniela nieves thats set in a boarding school
  89. Modern legendary creature that is a blood sucking monster
  90. Interview with the , novel by anne rice
  91. Folklore creature that drinks blood
  92. Dracula is the most famous one
  93. Priam transformed into vile, heartless monster

Crosswords containing the word "VAMPIRE"

  1. Vampire in the vampire chronicles
  2. Somerhalder who plays bad-boy vampire damon on 'the vampire diaries'
  3. Beverly hills cop actor who played a vampire in the comedy vampire in brooklyn: 2 wds.
  4. Interview with the vampire vampire
  5. The vampire chronicles vampire
  6. Interview with the vampire vampire
  7. Sucker for vampire stories?
  8. Vampire's tooth
  9. The vampire diaries protagonist
  10. Vampire's form