1. Offence say coming up after revolution in burma
  2. Displeasure
  3. Resentment, not originally speechless anger
  4. Bringing up australian native stealing clothing causes offence
  5. Resentment evident in letter about the source of brexit madness
  6. Kit wearing runner recalled injury
  7. Offence
  8. Take it with anger at last if you're 29 across
  9. Take it if offended
  10. Take this to take offence
  11. Offence that's usually taken
  12. Wild rumba, eg, causes offence
  13. Take offence
  14. Resentment, offence
  15. A shade of grievance
  16. Heading away, speechless with anger and resentment
  17. Indignation - hamburger filling is off!
  18. It''s given or taken in offence
  19. Sulks
  20. Offence, annoyance
  21. Posh doctor's fury gives offence
  22. Offence (usually taken)
  23. Offence shadow government engendered initially
  24. Annoyance and anger after stupid daughter's left
  25. Drunken bum's ardour causing offence
  26. Offence or annoyance
  27. English dress greek character up, giving offence
  28. After opening stupid paper, finally take offence
  29. Heading off, speechless with anger, having taken it?
  30. Take it when offended
  31. Heading off unable to feel anger or annoyance
  32. To take it is an offence
  33. Take a fence, perhaps, with fury at last
  34. Take this to feel offence
  35. Argue wildly about doctor with spleen that is taken
  36. Anger at having been offended
  37. Feeling of resentment
  38. Offence caused by display of buttocks, bishop coming down with anger
  39. Feeling of being offended
  40. Take this to show offence
  41. Take this to be offended
  42. How offence may lead to fury in the end
  43. Offense, affront, slight
  44. Fashion associated with posh doctor occasioning offence
  45. R. mugabe gives offence
  46. Pique petulance
  47. Universal anger shown about doctor giving offence
  48. Take feel offended by something
  49. Annoyance, extreme irritation
  50. Taking means to take offence
  51. Offence of rum running securing bishop a number of years
  52. Offense or annoyance
  53. Anger following university doctor’s offence
  54. Anger caused by being offended
  55. Speechless with anger when duke denied offence

Crosswords containing the word "UMBRAGE"

  1. Umbrage
  2. Take umbrage at
  3. Now pat, when upset, does take umbrage
  4. Characteristic of a rogue, taking umbrage over responsibilities
  5. Awfully shy, taking umbrage about figure
  6. Crime - umbrage
  7. Traveller may take umbrage at having to act as agent
  8. Takes umbrage
  9. Taking umbrage
  10. Mood of umbrage