1. Bad feeling in one's gut?
  2. Affliction said to be cau
  3. Sore spot
  4. Open sore
  5. Stomach trouble
  6. Cause of a nasty gut feel
  7. Something you feel in your gut?
  8. Complaint from northbound hermit lacking solitude on vacation
  9. Stomach woe
  10. Peptic disorder
  11. Stomach malady
  12. Gastric woe
  13. Cause of a stomachache
  14. Gut buster?
  15. Disturbing condition
  16. Painful stomach problem
  17. Stress symptom, they say
  18. Stomach problem
  19. Pain inside
  20. Worrier's woe, it's said
  21. Tagamet target
  22. Case for a gastroenterolo
  23. Problem of the stomach li
  24. Digestive tract condition
  25. Cruel kind of open sore
  26. Worrier's stomach woe, it's said
  27. Initially unpleasant lesion could erupt rapidly
  28. Cause of aggravation
  29. 'it's cruel, sore and skinny (5)'
  30. Cruel body sore
  31. Peptic problem
  32. Stress-related ailment, possibly
  33. Worrier's ailment, perhaps
  34. Lesion - with a cruel twist!
  35. What a cruel sort of affliction!
  36. Peptic ___
  37. Cause of a nasty gut feeling?
  38. Play with this and the man, shaw
  39. A cruel kind of sore
  40. Sore (in mouth)
  41. A cruel sort of sore?
  42. Case for a gastroenterologist
  43. A cruel affliction
  44. Tummy bummer
  45. Stress ailment
  46. Recluse, leaving the home counties, turned up with an abscess
  47. Cruel problem found in 8 down perhaps
  48. Cruel twist, a source of pain
  49. Awful clue, right? continuing source of pain
  50. Stress consequence, perhaps
  51. Worrywart's woe supposedly
  52. Belly ache?
  53. Awful certainty of internal sore
  54. Worrier's risk, they say
  55. Cruel kind of body sore
  56. Stomach sore
  57. Cruel, debauched source of corruption
  58. Cruel sort of open sore
  59. Stomach lining problem
  60. Affliction said to be caused by worry
  61. Skin lesion
  62. Internal sore
  63. Duodenal woe
  64. Awfully cruel medical condition
  65. Digestive-system malady
  66. Cause of stomach pain
  67. Worrier's health problem, sometimes
  68. Cruel disorder
  69. ... that's resolved a sore point
  70. Stomach or mouth sore
  71. Possible source of abdominal pain
  72. Gut wrencher?
  73. Terrible clue right cause of suffering
  74. Worrier's stomach problem
  75. Hermit dismisses latest couple turning up causing disorder
  76. Cruel form of stomach trouble?
  77. Inner pain
  78. Cruel doctor may give continuing pain
  79. Cruel kind of bodily sore
  80. Inside trouble
  81. Eating may relieve its symptoms
  82. What a cruel thing to have to put up with!
  83. Problem caused by stomach acid
  84. Sore about unfinished clue that's rejected
  85. Stress result, perhaps
  86. Mouth sore
  87. Worrier's risk, it's said
  88. Worrier's malady
  89. Problem of the stomach lining
  90. Sore, but pulls clear to reduce the odds
  91. Capital city of south korea
  92. Painful affliction
  93. Cruel sort of complaint
  94. City that hosted the 1988 olympics
  95. Common reason for stomach pain
  96. Painful affliction in the stomach you may get from worrying
  97. Worrier's affliction it's said
  98. Product of stress
  99. Inflammatory internal or external lesion
  100. Cruel sort of body sore
  101. What a cruel affliction!
  102. Reason for some bellyaching?
  103. Painful affliction in the stomach
  104. Anagram clue right at the end that hurts
  105. Cruel wound that's hard to heal
  106. Sore about being caught by dodgy rule
  107. Worriers stomach woe
  108. Abdominal pain producer
  109. Bad feeling in the pit of one's stomach?
  110. Malady that anagrams to cruel
  111. Gut trouble
  112. Inner burning
  113. Stomach issue
  114. Painful sore area
  115. Reason to see a gastroenterologist
  116. Gastric malady
  117. Slow healing sore
  118. Stress related stomach ailment, possibly
  119. Saul certainly suppresses corrupting influence
  120. Open sore on an external or internal part of the body
  121. Sore back precludes fencing
  122. Complaint about displacing holy man from northern ireland

Crosswords containing the word "ULCER"

  1. -- ulcer, ulcer of the stomach
  2. Drain top of ulcer in texas hospital complex
  3. Ulcer cause, in popular b
  4. Ulcer to give you money?
  5. What a filthy, cruel ulcer! and all for money
  6. Such an affliction might be an ulcer
  7. Gloomy with ulcer: a case for the doctor
  8. Not very lucid stuff about an ulcer
  9. A painful spot on the body, such as an ulcer or boil
  10. Dreadful ulcer is painful