1. Academic division
  2. Examiner keeps scripture marks for a term at harvard
  3. Something that goes for a
  4. A period of three months
  5. Marks in essays teacher rejects each term
  6. Gestation period
  7. Period of development
  8. American term sandburg initially put in line of verse
  9. Three months guarding border's a tricky problem
  10. Examiner crosses border for academic session
  11. Division of an academic year
  12. Merit rest — could be three months
  13. Someone trying to bag skirt for school term
  14. Three months to decorate compound
  15. Neat girl missing hard term in us university
  16. School term
  17. American term son used in line of verse
  18. Awful term is followed by another endless one — and another
  19. Academic's term as examiner across border
  20. Quarter of twelve?
  21. College division
  22. Period of three months
  23. Tries term after marks moved up in part of college year
  24. Term for us border - one trying to grasp it?
  25. One of three academic sessions in north america
  26. Three-month period
  27. Term for a model poet
  28. For a while, prune the straggly trees
  29. Shotgun shell casing
  30. Casing farm vehicle by top of hill
  31. Period longer than two months
  32. 3-month division of a human pregnancy
  33. Cut down damaged trees in quarter
  34. Period of three months associated with pregnancy
  35. A period of three months during pregnancy
  36. One of three stages during a pregnancy
  37. Three-month period during pregnancy
  38. Period when expecting con­clusion from beat poet
  39. The period of three months in a pregnancy
  40. Examiner buttons lip for a term
  41. Margin accepted by one doing trial period
  42. Part of year depicted in end of sonnet by old poet
  43. One of three in a pregnancy
  44. Three month period during pregnancy
  45. Abridge old testament book, suppressing hard term
  46. Last from beat poet seen in this term
  47. What do we call a third of a human pregnancy
  48. Term for three months in ones pregnancy

Crosswords containing the word "TRIMESTER"

  1. Trimester threesome
  2. Part of trimester, maybe?
  3. Second trimester test, for short
  4. Word; trimester
  5. One third of trimester with head away, i get busy