1. Pigtail, e.g.
  2. Curl of hair
  3. Lock up
  4. Lock of hair
  5. Lock star re-uses regularly
  6. Pigtail
  7. Amount of hair
  8. Hair piece
  9. Rapunzel feature
  10. Ear cover, maybe
  11. Bun bit
  12. Snake, to medusa?
  13. Sarkozy's very small - it's a bit of a shock
  14. Bit of hair
  15. It may be wrapped in a bu
  16. Head lock
  17. Place for a comb
  18. Lock with no key?
  19. Braid of hair
  20. Ringlet
  21. Long lock
  22. Lady's keepsake to a sold
  23. Part of a beehive
  24. Coiffeur's concern
  25. Long lock (of hair)
  26. Lock as part of theatre's security
  27. Lock up top
  28. Lock requiring pressure, failing to open
  29. For this to be on ahead it must be strong
  30. Woman from the gate releases account or something similar to first four characters in 11 down
  31. Salon clipping
  32. It's a lock
  33. ''it's __-win situation''
  34. Bun element
  35. Long piece of hair
  36. Unit of hair
  37. Is it for this that one gets a strong hold on the head? (5)
  38. Taking top off, force lock
  39. Barbershop clipping
  40. Lock of 37 down
  41. Did diana the hun have hair like this?
  42. Hairdresser's handful
  43. Lengthy lock
  44. Hardy girl, holding top of roan's mane
  45. Hair unit
  46. Lock of hair given emphasis — not the first
  47. It may be rolled up in a bun
  48. Lock with length
  49. Metre is cut off lover's long hair
  50. Consternation - little girl's lost hair
  51. Bit of salon detritus
  52. Hirsute lock
  53. Lady's keepsake to a soldier, once
  54. Plait of hair
  55. End of locks on very french braid
  56. Goldilocks's lock
  57. Salon sweep-up
  58. Lock in a salon
  59. Bun component
  60. Lock not on a door
  61. Teresa grabbing romeo's hair
  62. Donation to wigs for kids
  63. French twist need
  64. Piece of hair
  65. Lock or ringlet
  66. Lock without a key
  67. Long hair? nancy's very short at first
  68. Item saved in a locket, perhaps
  69. Lover's keepsake, perhaps
  70. Plait
  71. Girl crossing river using lock
  72. Lock turning in dresser thankfully
  73. Strand, as of hair
  74. Braided hair
  75. Lock or plait
  76. Safe place for cut hair
  77. If sid were to come back with hair like this, he'd be in trouble
  78. Hardy girl in charge of river lock
  79. Lock put in fortresses
  80. Bit of salon litter
  81. What's done up in an updo
  82. Anxiety when head's lost hair
  83. M. is not a wife with hair like this
  84. Locks of love donation
  85. Portion of hair
  86. Stylist's handful
  87. Bobby pin target
  88. Bit of salon waste
  89. Under the mat the hair would be for lying
  90. Conditioner target
  91. Switch lock
  92. Hair worry with the first bit falling out
  93. 'say yes to the ___' (show i just made up where you vote on which lock of a woman's hair you should wear)
  94. Don,t start to highlight hair
  95. Hair segment
  96. Nervous tension: son's torn out hair
  97. Lock of goldilocks
  98. Length of hair
  99. Long hair in france very short at first
  100. Lock with force beginning to give way
  101. Highlight holder
  102. M. is thus so hairy as not to be a wife
  103. Hank of hair
  104. Hair used to stuff mattresses
  105. Down the back with air conditioning can play a part
  106. Force unopened lock
  107. Twist of the head?
  108. If m. is so hairy, she'll not be your wife
  109. Curl — lock
  110. The occupant is at home with his wife
  111. Lock physical pressure's broken top off
  112. Sid would up so sad with like this
  113. In the course of wrongdoing dad's lost hair
  114. Lock casual worker away from femme fatale
  115. Force fails to open lock
  116. Rests (anag.)
  117. If m is with hair like this, she's the boss
  118. Stressed about lock
  119. Emphasise cropped hair
  120. Long lock on the head
  121. Focus attention on cutting first lock of hair
  122. Stressed about ringlet
  123. Long lock of 15-across
  124. M is with such hair, if he's not your 4 down
  125. Hairstylist's clipping
  126. Beauty shop sweeping
  127. D is enough to make the hair be in trouble
  128. It's most alien to a skinhead
  129. Locks for fortress not in favour
  130. Performer of no account in 'hair'
  131. Nancy's very small plait
  132. 52-down curl
  133. Something done up in an updo
  134. Single lock of hair
  135. Queue component
  136. Shock of hair
  137. Leader's leaving force is a bit of a shock

Crosswords containing the word "TRESS"

  1. I get her in a twisted tress
  2. Tress holders
  3. One does not give in what is in the tangled tress
  4. This is underfoot, but such a tress would be under all of you
  5. One is relatively in the tangled tress
  6. Tress distress
  7. Tress of hair
  8. They're beginning to get tar in the tangled tress
  9. Tress of lebanon
  10. May have hair in it and tress under it and you on it too