1. Three get high, as we hear
  2. Soprano voice
  3. Threefold - singing voice
  4. Multiply by three
  5. Knob next to bass
  6. Soprano ___
  7. Wanting bit of meth, shake three times over
  8. Amplifier setting
  9. Clef designation
  10. Pitched high in area of dartboard
  11. Triple ___
  12. High in pitch
  13. Go from 3 to 9, say
  14. High boy’s singing voice
  15. Show fear, losing heart: stiff drink needed
  16. Raise again...and again
  17. Threefold
  18. He sings quavers, one of them lacking focus
  19. Increase threefold
  20. What boys sing is in three parts
  21. Boy soprano's nothing like this?
  22. More than twice as high, by the sound of it (6)
  23. High voice - large drink
  24. Consisting of three parts
  25. Little more than twice as high, by the sound of it
  26. Boy chorister
  27. Bet placed in the inner ring?
  28. This singer, given a chance, could win a fortune
  29. Three times higher than bass
  30. Voice three times as much
  31. Soprano-range
  32. Choirboy choirboy choirboy?
  33. Choirboy to quiver having cut mass
  34. Amp setting
  35. Boy singer
  36. As singer, be very apprehensive to miss mass
  37. Three goals for the sound engineer to turn around
  38. High-pitched or soprano, instrument or boy's voice
  39. Boy's high singing voice
  40. Score of sixty with one dart?
  41. High-frequency (radio control knob)
  42. Dartboard inner ring
  43. Preset on a stereo, maybe
  44. Change one singer to a trio?
  45. More than double the height, by the sound of it
  46. One of the clefs
  47. Time time time?
  48. Quake, losing heart with a high-pitched voice
  49. Bass counterpart
  50. Chance for a singer?
  51. Increase by 200 percent
  52. Invoice, more than twice as high
  53. Revolutionary cut up behind tangiers leader after brace
  54. Car for rebel manoeuvre has high-pitched sound
  55. Member of choir winning series
  56. Upper range
  57. Quake when losing millions in bet
  58. High voice; occurring three times
  59. Very big drink for boy in church choir
  60. High pitched singing voice
  61. Bass complement
  62. Ring of voice
  63. Boy's voice
  64. Seems the invoice is more than twice as high
  65. Three times the voice
  66. U-turn from bass
  67. Singer, fantastic belter
  68. Of voice, high-pitched or soprano
  69. Soprano - multiply by three
  70. It's put on by a better singer
  71. More than twice as high, by the sound of it
  72. That's more than twice as high, by the sound of it
  73. Singer, singer, singer?
  74. Word with clef or staff
  75. High darts score
  76. Suitable voice for a high score?
  77. Boy soprano
  78. Apple for one, hugging band's leader, lost voice
  79. High-pitched voice
  80. Tweeter's output, in a stereo
  81. Heartlessly shake chorister
  82. Soprano's clef
  83. Multiple score in darts
  84. He sings a number in a funny-looking beret
  85. Heartlessly shake very big drink
  86. High pitch range
  87. Car for rebel action has high-pitched sound
  88. Quake, losing heart, and find the voice high-pitched
  89. Belter given new arrangement for top singer
  90. Choirboy perhaps to shake leaving mass
  91. That's more than twice there's been no bass!
  92. Three times - a boy soprano
  93. A clef
  94. Bass's opposite
  95. High part
  96. Kind of musical clef
  97. Register for three times as much
  98. Register for large drink
  99. Kind of clef on a musical staff
  100. Millions escaping from quake, a very large one
  101. Highest boy voice
  102. Counterpart of 'bass' in music
  103. Highest pitched bell in change-ringing
  104. Make or become three times as much
  105. A boy's high-pitched voice
  106. More than twice as high as 1 across?
  107. And that's even more than twice as high
  108. More than two times as high, by the sound of it
  109. More than twice as high for a bit of music
  110. The highest voice part in harmonic music
  111. To multiply something by three
  112. Consisting of three parts
  113. More than double
  114. Three of something
  115. Clef for a soprano part
  116. Three times as many
  117. A singer in a trio?
  118. Triple - high-pitched
  119. Triple - soprano voice
  120. High clef in music or triple soprano
  121. Stereo sound setting
  122. Maximum of sixty on board giving voice
  123. Feat of winning three major trophies
  124. A long shot for a better singer
  125. The highest line of music in a composition
  126. High pitched sound starts to bother ladies aboard plane?
  127. Choirboy to shake with fear, having missed mass
  128. __ 20; highest possible score with one dart
  129. I'm all about that bass, 'bout that bass, no __

Crosswords containing the word "TREBLE"

  1. Treble clef readers
  2. Treble clef lines
  3. Word after bass or treble
  4. Treble or bass symbol?
  5. Treble clef singer
  6. Treble's counterpart
  7. Issue notes for treble tackling finale
  8. Getting round in, s. richter ordered a treble, perhaps
  9. Sign of treble?
  10. Treble sign