1. Like
  2. Winner in a well-known up
  3. Lettuce-munching plodder
  4. Slow-moving reptile
  5. At __ pace = very slowly
  6. Might this animal turn to tories?
  7. Surprise winner of fable
  8. Perhaps it's wrong for shelley to be in france
  9. Shelled reptile
  10. Slow-moving land reptile
  11. Fabled race winner
  12. Slowcoach trained me and you, reportedly
  13. Expected to be slow - so it tore around!
  14. Winner of a fabled race
  15. Proverbially slow-moving creature – perhaps i rest, too
  16. Is otter about to eat nothing but a slow-moving creature?
  17. Storied surprise winner
  18. It's wrong to go on french river as a slow mover
  19. Reptile found in the wrong department
  20. Hare's race opponent
  21. Winner in a fabled upset
  22. Tie roots (anag)
  23. Land reptile
  24. Slow-moving pet
  25. Noted race winner
  26. Slow-mover from wrong french river
  27. It sounds as if shelley, perhaps, made it go slowly
  28. Tories to worry one of those enjoying a slower pace of life
  29. Surprise victor of storydom
  30. Reptile with a hard shell often lives as a pet
  31. Go slow with shelley?
  32. Slow-moving four-footed reptile - outraced the hare
  33. Fabled come-from-behind race-winner
  34. Reptile seen in wrong part of france
  35. Would this animal turn to tories?
  36. One of lawrence's shellbacks
  37. Hare racer
  38. Animal making to get up? it's about to
  39. Giant slow-moving reptile of the galapagos islands
  40. Slow reptile that raced a hare
  41. Slow-moving reptile that won race against a hare
  42. Shelley, perhaps, lacked the velocity for this
  43. It's wrong for one to stay in one's shell and be so slow over the river in france
  44. Slow-moving, shelled herbivore
  45. Animal that apollo used to create hermes's lyre
  46. Land reptile with a shell, like a turtle
  47. The __ and the hare, aesop tale, disney short
  48. Land-dwelling reptile in the order testudines
  49. In aesop's tale a hare was outpaced by this animal
  50. Hard-shelled, slow reptile, brings longevity
  51. Long-living animal with a shell
  52. Animal in aesop's fable that raced a hare and won
  53. __ and the hare, race in which the reptile wins
  54. One beat the hare
  55. It beat the hare in a race
  56. A land turtle is also called a __
  57. Shelled animal
  58. 4's wrong sound with head tucked away
  59. Sweet thing embracing love is a crawler
  60. Slowcoach tries too awkwardly
  61. Shell carrier sounding stretched on french river
  62. Shelled animal who's faster than the hare
  63. Giant reptile native to the galápagos islands
  64. This creature might turn to tories
  65. Ripped across to return silicon to slow mover
  66. Hare's defeater
  67. Love to run around island with energy? not me!
  68. Hare's fable opponent
  69. Reptile with a tough shell
  70. Slow-moving animal, hides in its shell
  71. Slow, land-dwelling reptile with a hard shell
  72. Long living animal with a shell
  73. The hare's opponent, slow and steady wins the race
  74. Longest-living land animal
  75. Land turtle
  76. Long-living, land-dwelling turtle species
  77. Animal raced round it? so unlikely
  78. Fabled slowpoke
  79. Totally non aquatic turtle
  80. Turtles cousin
  81. __ wins by a hare: bugs bunny cartoon
  82. Slow and steady won him the race against the hare
  83. Galapagos reptile that can live 150 years
  84. Slow, land dwelling reptile with a hard shell
  85. A land dwelling turtle, races against the hare
  86. Slow mover, old, is tucking into sweet cake
  87. Land dwelling turtle

Crosswords containing the word "TORTOISE"

  1. Racer with the tortoise
  2. Tortoise's opponent after
  3. Emulated the tortoise and hare
  4. Tortoise's opponent
  5. Tortoise racer
  6. Loser to the tortoise in fable
  7. Tortoise shell, in a way?
  8. Tortoise's rival
  9. Loser to a tortoise, in a
  10. Accommodating agreement, rival losing to guardian tortoise?