1. Bully fell upon teacher
  2. One who harasses soldiers trapped between hills
  3. Go off contrary life coach who bullies one?
  4. Wrong people arrested for eliminating female bully
  5. Troll chaps found in twin peaks
  6. One giving great pain or annoyance
  7. Person who cruelly teases guide behind the hill
  8. Mountain guide, one causing irritation
  9. One who afflicts people residing between hills
  10. Persecutor fell upon guide
  11. A trying individual of a certain eminence - a counsellor
  12. 'the person whose instructress and — she was' (ouida, the massarenes)
  13. One harrying soldiers in a defile?
  14. One harassing the folk dwelling between hill-tops
  15. Persecutor
  16. The adviser below the hill will torture one
  17. Person causing anguish to others
  18. Politician falling short with adviser a cruel person
  19. One harassing people in the hills
  20. Rubbish about adviser being inflicter of suffering
  21. One harasses people in twin peaks
  22. Person causing suffering to soldiers in hills
  23. Hungarian black metal band
  24. One who cruelly teases guide below the hill
  25. One causes pain, getting fellows stuck between a rock and a hard place
  26. Bully virtually ripped off older advisor
  27. Bully for the people behind the hill and going to the hill
  28. Half of our race between two peaks is cause of suffering
  29. That's teasing for people between one rise and the next
  30. Harrier in pieces, stuck between peaks
  31. People in twin peaks a cause of pain
  32. One to vex adviser on high hill
  33. Who would tease people in twin peaks?
  34. One harassing people dwelling in hills
  35. Rent room close to that silly bugger!
  36. Inflictor of pain or anguish
  37. Bully from the hills holding hands
  38. Obelisk's title in yu-gi-oh!
  39. Obelisks title in yu gi oh
  40. Scourge of people between rock and hard place

Crosswords containing the word "TORMENTOR"

  1. Princess tormentor
  2. Sad sack's tormentor, in
  3. Charlie brown tormentor
  4. Pet's tiny tormentor
  5. Beetle bailey's tormentor
  6. Tormentor
  7. Termite tormentor
  8. Fido’s tormentor
  9. Charlie brown's tormentor
  10. Boxer's tormentor