1. A raft, in diner slang
  2. Browned bread; health
  3. Brown bread
  4. Occasion to stand up
  5. Breakfast staple
  6. One who's doomed
  7. Clink preceder
  8. Done, slangily
  9. In history
  10. A goner
  11. Browned bread
  12. Table delivery
  13. Heres to the newlyweds!, e.g
  14. Brown in the kitchen
  15. Done for
  16. Wedding dinner speech often
  17. Lost cause
  18. One of a series at a wedding reception
  19. Brown bread for the queen?
  20. Brown under a grill
  21. Raise one's spirits?
  22. Wedding proposal?
  23. Avocado
  24. Raise one's glass to
  25. Brown amphibian (tailless, by the way)
  26. Bread in the oven
  27. Wedding offering to the b
  28. It usually pops up
  29. Oft-burned item
  30. ''here's to you!,'' e.g.
  31. Hold over the fire, say
  32. Breakfast bread
  33. Drink up!
  34. Someone celebrated
  35. Breakfast item served in rounds
  36. One who's a goner
  37. Reason to raise a hand
  38. Words to a bride and groo
  39. Drink to the health of
  40. Wedding reception ritual
  41. Breakfast side dish
  42. Brown in front of a fire
  43. Drink to one's health
  44. Way to serve cheese, perhaps, and one short health drink?
  45. Child eats a bit of sausage in grill
  46. Brown-___
  47. Raise a glass to
  48. Creamed chipped beef base
  49. One who's done for
  50. B.l.t. base
  51. Brown starts to take over after blair's stint ends
  52. Drink poured in honour
  53. Words from the best man
  54. ''skoal,'' e.g.
  55. Hot bread
  56. Salutation at a wedding breakfast, possibly?
  57. Warm, it may be eaten or drunk
  58. Doomed, slangily
  59. ''here's to you'' is one
  60. See 90-down
  61. Tavern tribute
  62. Bread that's been browned
  63. Drink with one honoured person receiving international baccalaureate
  64. ‘salud!’ or ‘skoal!’
  65. Salute of a sort
  66. Diner "raft"
  67. Celebratory drink that's perhaps served at breakfast
  68. Club foundation
  69. Drink brought round when? for this, perhaps
  70. Breakfast side order
  71. Oft-buttered food
  72. If one is drunk one may get fired
  73. Drink, cook
  74. Best-man ritual
  75. The queen, say, to perfection welcoming head of state
  76. Club sandwich base
  77. 59-across, after crisping
  78. Warm person much admired
  79. Aural tribute
  80. Banquet ritual
  81. Skoal! is one
  82. Formally drink a health
  83. Burnt archers of loaf song?
  84. Brown bread for health
  85. Melba ___
  86. A drink as drunk by an under-age person
  87. Reception salute
  88. Glass raiser
  89. Utter, 'here's to...'
  90. Gets fired for being drunk
  91. Health food?
  92. "cheers," e.g
  93. "here's mud in your eye!" is one
  94. Tribute directed towards john, paul, or george, say
  95. ''skoal'' or ''prosit''
  96. Make crisp and brown
  97. "here's mud in your eye!" e.g
  98. Brown bread for tots - a crumbly sort
  99. Brown bread for good health, perhaps
  100. One's cheerfully drunk when in drink
  101. Crisp bread
  102. Defeated party? exactly -- coming about second
  103. Grill — clinking of glasses
  104. Club base
  105. Speech sometimes read from a crumpled sheet of paper
  106. "to your health," for one
  107. May be drunk enough to burn it
  108. Heat bread
  109. Best man's assignment
  110. Chipped beef go-with
  111. Wedding reception tribute
  112. Proposal rarely made on one knee
  113. Tribute to one such as paul, george, or john
  114. Breakfast side
  115. Glass raiser's salute
  116. Utterly screwed
  117. A bit of a bloomer, possibly, making this pledge?
  118. Very precise about second breakfast item
  119. Clink glasses
  120. The sunday joint? not her meal component
  121. Perhaps all the best infant clothing starts with aunt sewing
  122. Perfectly describing sun tan
  123. Drink it while it's hot
  124. Wedding reception tradition
  125. Cheers or skoal
  126. As good as dead
  127. May get drunk or burnt
  128. Wedding reception event
  129. Wedding-party ritual
  130. Being drunk, one might get burnt
  131. It turned streetband into one-hit wonders
  132. Brown drinks being raised?
  133. Best man's speech
  134. Pub proposal
  135. Drinker's salute
  136. It was very hot for streetband in 1978
  137. Grill
  138. Wedding reception feature
  139. Wedding event
  140. Requirement for soldiers at breakfast?
  141. Bread that's browned
  142. Drinker's proposal
  143. Melba's breakfast?
  144. Get heated for the good of one's health
  145. Tribute specifically for a venerable person
  146. Salute in esperanto as translated
  147. Best man's offer
  148. Gets drunk and may be burnt
  149. 'l'chaim!' is one
  150. Celebratory gesture
  151. Child eating a second slice of this?
  152. Tribute to a holy person
  153. Food (that one can drink!)
  154. Hot slice
  155. When to get in quantity of spirits? to drink a health
  156. Blt bread
  157. Drink the health of a high-minded person?
  158. Eggs go-with
  159. Banquet tribute
  160. 'to happiness!,' e.g.
  161. Health drunk
  162. Completely shot
  163. Melba or french
  164. Proposal with a raised hand
  165. "here's to ..." tribute
  166. Something for breakfast, perfectly round crumpets, ultimately
  167. Brown raising a glass?
  168. Make bread brown and crisp
  169. Part of a wedding reception
  170. 'to kanye: may he finally learn to share his deep and boundless love with another human,' for one
  171. Best man's offering
  172. Call for high flutes?
  173. Drink to serve with brown bread
  174. A tribute that's warm
  175. Best man's delivery
  176. Nicely including son in tribute
  177. Tribute with bent elbows
  178. Drink someone's health
  179. 9-, 20-, 28-, 37-, 48- or 53-across
  180. Bread browned
  181. Chipped beef
  182. It gets burnt a lot
  183. Tori amos breakfast song?
  184. Reason for raised glasses
  185. We might possibly grill it, it's proposed
  186. Tribute to raise your spirits?
  187. Masters something from the kitchen?
  188. Drink to a virtuous character
  189. One's proposed to a good man
  190. Grilled bread
  191. Food that's eaten perpendicularly to how it's usually made
  192. Raise a glass to (someone)
  193. ''to your health!'' e.g.
  194. 'here's to the happy couple!,' e.g
  195. ___ crisp
  196. One may get drunk by the fire
  197. Clink lead-up
  198. Dinner tribute
  199. Tribute or proposal of health or success
  200. Base for a 60-across
  201. Food or drink for the good of your health
  202. Salute with spirits
  203. Wedding reception highlight
  204. Cinnamon ___ crunch
  205. Heat bread until brown
  206. Charred bread
  207. Food and drink
  208. Brief communique re fence round street
  209. L'chaim! or skoal!
  210. Reason to raise goblets
  211. Speech with a raised glass
  212. Tribute with bent elbow
  213. Cheers to 2019! is one
  214. Cooked bread
  215. Drink to the healt of
  216. Drink to the health of
  217. Make the burn get drunk
  218. Salutation of a sort
  219. That might make things hot for crosaire today
  220. A hot drink is healthy
  221. Skoal! say
  222. Pop-up fare
  223. Heres to you! for example
  224. Bread thats been browned
  225. 'here's to...' gesture
  226. Drink to salute
  227. Words at a banquet
  228. When to feed young child brown bread
  229. Wish for someone's continued health
  230. Salute with a raised glass
  231. Honor, in a way
  232. Glass-raised salute
  233. Grilled bread — drink (to)
  234. Club sandwich surrounder
  235. Tribute with drinks
  236. ''here's to you!'' for instance
  237. Feature of breakfast ... or dinner?
  238. Like to feed toddler something for breakfast
  239. Reason to raise your glass of champagne say
  240. Cheers! for example
  241. Commercial holding in fox newss ending in dispute
  242. Child receiving a second slice for breakfast?
  243. Breakfast item for health?
  244. *doomed slangily (and end of the ladder)
  245. Speech ender at times
  246. Pop-up restaurant offering
  247. Yolk dipper
  248. Drink in honour of some event
  249. L'chaim! is one
  250. French breakfast item
  251. Something offered in tribute
  252. Drink a health to
  253. Drink to
  254. Toddler munches a small piece of brown bread
  255. Words to a bride and groom
  256. Warm salutation
  257. Raise a glass at a ceremony, say
  258. Heated up bread
  259. Buttered breakfast bread
  260. Canapž base often
  261. Pop up breakfast food
  262. Oft buttered breakfast staple
  263. Browned breakfast item
  264. Raise a glass (to)
  265. Young child eating a second slice at breakfast

Crosswords containing the word "TOAST"

  1. Something to toast or toast with
  2. Like french toast compared to plain toast
  3. Toast, sweet spiced sugary toast
  4. French toast maker, maybe
  5. Cheese on toast
  6. Order toast and get no end of it
  7. Opening of a toast
  8. Something to make sandwiches or toast for a cockney?
  9. Common overseas toast
  10. English toast