1. 10/
  2. 10% donation
  3. Rector's income
  4. A tenth part
  5. Church donation?
  6. Forgotten tax? it's covered by article
  7. Tenth part of article about intercourse
  8. Parishioner
  9. Church's percentage
  10. It features in article: part one of ten?
  11. Birdman's former duty
  12. Church tax
  13. Amount given away
  14. It is included in the donation
  15. Church support
  16. Obligation at some church
  17. Share with the church
  18. Give 10% to one's church
  19. Levy of one tenth
  20. One-tenth payment
  21. Church offering
  22. Split for a church
  23. Part for the plate
  24. Church gift
  25. What most mormons do
  26. Portion for the plate
  27. Regular donation to a church
  28. Ten-percent donation
  29. It must be collected by the tenth, as tax
  30. Little bird - male one - for the church
  31. Cut of the cloth?
  32. Ten percent church donation
  33. Article covering origins of import tariffs and tax
  34. With 27 across, he makes 32 across
  35. Is it in the bit for the church?
  36. One tenth - old church tax
  37. Small contribution from birdman
  38. Kind of donation
  39. Taxman goes after bird
  40. The surroundings of it for a little bit
  41. To levy
  42. Church's due
  43. It should be included in the charge
  44. One-tenth donation
  45. 10 percent donation
  46. A tenth of income given to church
  47. Levy by church, e.g.
  48. Pledge of a sort
  49. Give 10% to a church
  50. Draw bringing in half of this levy
  51. Give 10 percent
  52. Tax contributing to development, it helps
  53. A little part of the little male bird
  54. Old tax ultimately important in what it raised
  55. Pledge a tenth
  56. Church levy
  57. One-tenth; church tax
  58. It is in the small part
  59. Credit -- it helps to cover rent
  60. Pay your dues at church
  61. Parishioner's donation
  62. It comes back to the ten percent
  63. Check for services, maybe
  64. Appeal lifted one particular sort of levy
  65. Taking of a tenth
  66. In debt, it helps you find rent
  67. It overturned the money for the church
  68. Pay a dime on the dollar, in a way
  69. Tax? article includes it
  70. Ten percent pledge
  71. Charge the man going after a bird
  72. Dime-on-the-dollar donation
  73. How a little bird tells me he is only a little part
  74. Support for one's church
  75. Give 10%
  76. Church member's contribution
  77. Support a church, in a way
  78. 10% church donation
  79. It is returned by the tenth
  80. Levy of a tenth
  81. Old church tax
  82. Is the little bird a little bit male?
  83. Tenth part paid to a church
  84. The thing turns with the 1 across
  85. Note the church's share
  86. Little male bird for the church, just a bit
  87. Parishioner's pledge
  88. Churchgoer's donation, perhaps
  89. Just a bit of a male bird
  90. Money for clerical work
  91. Give religiously?
  92. Churchgoer's 10 percent
  93. Mormon's donation
  94. Tenth for a church
  95. Bird chasing the man for rent
  96. Church donation pledge
  97. Word from the old english for ''tenth''
  98. Just what's needed to go into the church funding
  99. A litle bird, he tells me it used to be for the church
  100. Just a little bit of a male bird for the church
  101. Sunday contribution
  102. One-tenth of income paid to church
  103. Tax once levied on fruit? it helped to some extent
  104. Ten percent offering
  105. Churchgoer's donation
  106. Cut for the church
  107. Undefined article included in the levy once
  108. Support for the church
  109. Old tax article about gifts, ignoring odd bits
  110. Charge article with technology inside
  111. Give 10 percent to one's church
  112. Offering-plate share
  113. It backs the tax
  114. Contribute a tenth
  115. It was in the church's interest
  116. It's a little bit of a little male bird
  117. Parishioner's 10 percent
  118. Little bit of little bird with him
  119. Tenth part - old tax
  120. Bird-man's tribute
  121. It returns with the church collection
  122. Percentage gift
  123. Source of church revenue
  124. Article describing wine tax
  125. Contribute one-tenth, in church
  126. Ongoing charitable pledge
  127. Levy, originally worth one tenth
  128. A charge - an article's to be written about it
  129. Regular payments - the thing to be accepted?
  130. Bird (cock) takes small part
  131. Mormon's obligation
  132. Charitable fraction
  133. In the past it helped the church survive
  134. Keep 90 percent
  135. Tax increasing the holy exchequer, primarily
  136. Church member's offering
  137. It returns the part the church keeps
  138. Pledge from the faithful
  139. Tax to support the church
  140. Gift of a tenth
  141. Tenth part to be paid to the church
  142. It used to decimate income, but it helped to some extent
  143. Article is about income tax and property tax
  144. 10% for the church
  145. A little bird tells me he was for the church
  146. It turns up before the ten per cent
  147. Article includes it showing 10 per cent levy
  148. Levy, though not on poet amy
  149. Church pledge
  150. Ongoing donation
  151. Parish donation
  152. Amount to give
  153. A tenth of leaders in the investment trade have emigrated
  154. Collection plate insert
  155. Portion placed on a plate in a pew
  156. Give a percentage
  157. Sunday donation
  158. Parishioners offering
  159. Levy of one tenth of something
  160. Just a little bit of a little male bird
  161. Little bit of a little male bird
  162. It comes back with the bit for the church
  163. Just a little bit of a male little bird
  164. It turns up with the small part
  165. Tenth part of a little male bird
  166. Only a small part of a small bird
  167. It's up to it, the minute bit
  168. Small part of a small male bird
  169. Some of ken jennings' ''jeopardy!'' winnings
  170. Tax man after fool
  171. 'beat it!' — hectence takes charge
  172. Portion of object found in article
  173. Tenth part (as tribute)
  174. Tax paid to church
  175. It's about the tax
  176. 10 percent for the church
  177. Parishioner's obligation
  178. Give a dime on the dollar
  179. Church member's donation
  180. Church's 10 percent
  181. Former church tax

Crosswords containing the word "TITHE"

  1. Tithe amount
  2. Tithe amounts
  3. Tithe portion
  4. There are holes up the middle of it with the tithe from italy
  5. Tithe proportion
  6. Tithe
  7. Portion to tithe
  8. Dime as tithe?
  9. Tien for the tithe?
  10. Fraction in tithe