1. And the like
  2. Like
  3. ___ favor
  4. ___ more
  5. Ones "over there"
  6. “___ interested”
  7. And more
  8. “___ were the days”
  9. That one and that one
  10. Yonder ones
  11. Them there
  12. Not these
  13. The others
  14. Nat king cole's "___ thin
  15. The things there
  16. Word that might accompany
  17. All in favor
  18. 'what are the ___?'
  19. '___ magic changes' ('grease' song)
  20. Take the top off them for the pipe
  21. Not only that one
  22. 33-down from these
  23. For ___ about to rock we salute you
  24. Is, in the plural
  25. Neither these nor …
  26. "god helps __ ... "
  27. Things out of reach?
  28. Liz phair "about all of ___ things i did to please you"
  29. The items over there
  30. The one's 'e shot were the ones on foot at last
  31. The things across the room
  32. Things pointed at
  33. Yon things
  34. Items pointed to from afar
  35. Yon individuals
  36. '___ calloways' (disney film)
  37. The items yonder
  38. Plural of 67-down
  39. The ones there
  40. Yon articles
  41. First word of the theme song title for archie and edith
  42. Yon items
  43. 1965 film '___ calloways'
  44. The ones farther away
  45. Get water through it after tea for them
  46. The ones mentioned
  47. Yonder things
  48. First of tan tights – but not these!
  49. The ones with time to get stockings on?
  50. Ethos (anag.)
  51. Stockings come at the end of such as they
  52. Ones yonder
  53. Ac/dc "for ___ about to rock (we salute you)"
  54. Soulfly "for ___ about to rot"
  55. "keep ___ cards and letters coming in!"
  56. The less obvious code with letters cycled
  57. The farther ones
  58. "as we forgive ___ ..."
  59. "who are ___ guys?"
  60. They're over there
  61. Yonder items
  62. That group of map-makers featured in article
  63. Piece of cloth worn around the neck or head
  64. Which ones shot off east?
  65. Good things come to ___ who wait
  66. The things over there
  67. It’s just one of ___ things
  68. Remote ones
  69. The above-mentioned
  70. They'd be the ones you'd be stocking after tea
  71. 'along ___ lines ...'
  72. He's to be changed, not these
  73. 56-down's opposite
  74. Particular ones shot off east?
  75. ___ were the days (all in the family theme song)

Crosswords containing the word "THOSE"

  1. Dish in a lab used for examining cultures (those are science terms for those who haven't studied science)
  2. Those too eager to find faults with those looking for bugs
  3. Explains what it was like for those in the 90s to one of those with no work and out of a job for good
  4. One of those options on census is not to be reviewed, as one of those will certainly ring a bell
  5. It's an intensive business for those into rainbow taking first flight with those looking after the animals
  6. Those against work, and those sitting
  7. Those in 20 down produced baguettes for those who like a bit of bling?
  8. What the don gave to those in chicago, for one, is instructive to those working around the pole
  9. For those who are late, this is nothing to do with one of those who is doomed
  10. End conflict that separates those for from those against