1. Baker's dozen quantity
  2. Baker's dozen
  3. Unlucky number
  4. Hint vaguely about right aid for golfer somewhere on the back nine?
  5. Unlucky for some
  6. A baker's dozen
  7. Neither temperature would get you in here, in two ways -- that is unfortunate
  8. Will carling's lucky number?
  9. Floor number absent in many high-rises
  10. Three with the tin and three with the ten
  11. Following twelve
  12. It's considered unlucky by some
  13. Half of what's left is unlucky for some
  14. Cardinal, one meeting irish broadcaster visiting at the time
  15. Ten past three
  16. What cinderella turned into after twelve?
  17. Irish broadcaster's brogue ultimately wearing thin -- this may be considered unlucky
  18. It's not lady luck's number
  19. Triskaidekaphobia: superstition about this number
  20. Triskaidekaphobe's fear
  21. Number 10 welcomes new american employee hugging tory leader
  22. Number in a rugby league team
  23. No. in baker's dozen
  24. Prime time and neither's broadcast
  25. Prime time dancing therein?
  26. Strange rite in earlier time a number regarded as ominous
  27. Number at last supper
  28. Only a little over twelve
  29. Missing hotel floor?
  30. Unlucky in what's so thin about the tree in bits
  31. Number of breakaway american colonies
  32. Cardinal, fine, welcoming rome’s capital support of course
  33. Some consider it unlucky
  34. Number considered unlucky
  35. Age of michael jackson at first solo number 1 hit
  36. El al landed in elba by mistake i.e. missing ultimate target
  37. Missing button in many an elevator
  38. Number of people in da vinci's the last supper
  39. Seven plus eight minus two
  40. Number you are left with when you take away two from fifteen
  41. Ten and three
  42. Three plus twenty minus ten
  43. Number of original states of the us
  44. Unlucky number, according to superstition
  45. Hope a friday doesn't fall on this number
  46. Number considered unlucky, especially on fridays
  47. Nineteen __, year first crossword was published
  48. The number of players in a rugby league team
  49. Ocean's __, sequel to ocean's twelve
  50. Book and netflix series: __ reasons why
  51. Twenty minus eleven plus four
  52. The ultimate aim or justification
  53. It's unlucky for some
  54. The number by the a in 4 down
  55. Even parts of 1984, one must add, a number regarded as ominous
  56. A baker's dozen, an extra bun
  57. Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of __
  58. Number of countries in south america
  59. Odd sorts from 1916 add to report, as it's unlucky for some
  60. After run, peg cuts slim figure
  61. Thin tree chopped up, a number being bad
  62. Triskaidekaphobia is a fear of this unlucky number
  63. Number in a bakers dozen
  64. Coming of age movie with evan rachel wood
  65. A bakers dozen
  66. Unlucky number, especially at camp crystal lake
  67. Total number of figures in da vincis last supper
  68. Unlucky number in many cultures
  69. Number of stripes on the us flag
  70. Number of stripes on the united states flag
  71. The original number of us colonies that rebelled
  72. Number that some people think is unlucky
  73. Square root of 169
  74. Number of layers in maya heaven or higher world

Crosswords containing the word "THIRTEEN"

  1. Thirteen letters identifying a small thing
  2. Wood perhaps to sell on the counter, one of thirteen
  3. Thirteen cards passed round
  4. Put down thirteen cards, in informal garment
  5. Thirteen characters absorbed in no matter which medical discipline
  6. Thirteen popes
  7. Set of thirteen
  8. Ocean's thirteen gone baby gone actor casey __
  9. One of thirteen in band, i am on drums
  10. Poem of ten or thirteen lines