1. Feeling of a person stranded in the desert
  2. Great desire
  3. Hankering
  4. Craving
  5. Way below half of 13 yen
  6. Drive to drink?
  7. Craving for drink
  8. Common companion of a dry
  9. Eagerness
  10. T-shirt ripped up in lust
  11. Have a craving for
  12. Desire to drink
  13. Desire for water
  14. Strong desire, with "the"
  15. Crave water
  16. Need for drink
  17. Need for liquid
  18. The feeling that you need a drink
  19. Desire new t-shirt
  20. Half number by the way having ardent desire
  21. Perhaps the dr. ought to be the cause of it
  22. Desire garment, needing to drop size, primarily
  23. Physiological need to drink
  24. Craving for liquid
  25. State one is short of 25 down
  26. Need for water
  27. It causes the need to drink water
  28. Long time to be wed to an artist
  29. Long crumpled t-shirt
  30. Model finds artist in need of a drink
  31. A strong desire to deliver shirt on time
  32. The dr. ought to have a drink if he has this
  33. Feel the need to drink
  34. Reason to drink
  35. That missing adult admits sir confused by desire
  36. What you slake
  37. What water quenches
  38. Strong desire from dehydration?
  39. Urge to drink water
  40. Parchment?
  41. Desire to see last of beetroot pickler
  42. State that one is lackiing in 21 down
  43. Strong desire for drink
  44. Lack of today's theme will lead to this
  45. A need (for liquid)
  46. With a little right this needs water
  47. Keenness shown by thirty-first's group of outriders?
  48. A craving for drink or knowledge
  49. End of water's contributed to this - also temperature?
  50. T-shirt (anag)
  51. Lost shirt? time and drink will cure it
  52. It'll drive you to drink
  53. Craving designer t-shirt
  54. Too dry for a shirt after a little tea
  55. Craving in the endless irish way?
  56. Parched feeling
  57. Have one for a beer after rocking out
  58. The inducement for 5 down
  59. For this one must add a little water
  60. Want to have a drink with this
  61. Quaff to slake it
  62. Common companion of a dry throat
  63. Longing for drought
  64. Kind of craving
  65. Water shortage consequence
  66. Desert wanderer’s parched feeling
  67. Need for liquids
  68. Getting stout will cure this complaint
  69. Is one over the eight a cure for this?
  70. Desire to have a drink
  71. Desire or need for a drink
  72. Perhaps the dr. ought to give you this
  73. 'the dr, ought to prescribe a drink for this (6)'
  74. The dr. ought to want a drink
  75. Drink to slake it
  76. Saatchi's core to artist's keenness
  77. Yearning for time with controversial artist
  78. Need of a 53-down
  79. Eager longing
  80. Hunger, in one sense
  81. Grounds for guzzling
  82. Beast involved in bataclan crime
  83. Desire for a drink
  84. Craving for water
  85. Polydipsia is a particularly excessive one
  86. Desire a bit of sunshine in most of the days of november
  87. Long time associated with a yba
  88. Craving beer at last in the present time
  89. Long right jabs this close to heavyweight

Crosswords containing the word "THIRST"

  1. Adjacent whisper admitting thirst
  2. Thirst for
  3. Thirst for change that’s casually put on?
  4. Thirst quenchers
  5. Some thirst quenchers
  6. Satisfy (a thirst)
  7. Toddler's cry when thirst
  8. Thirst slakers
  9. Thirst-relieving
  10. Crumbly new quiche's no good for slaking thirst