1. Romantic hopeful
  2. George knightley, to emma
  3. Pitcher of woo
  4. One looking for a hand
  5. Go along with our heartless wooer
  6. Stereotypical bouquet bri
  7. Gentleman caller
  8. Sash former pupil displayed on island
  9. Beau-to-be, perhaps
  10. "the bachelorette" contestant, e.g
  11. One of penelope's 108 in the "odyssey"
  12. Man who courts a woman
  13. One who goes to court
  14. Hearts, perhaps, or someone trying to win one
  15. Plaintiff produces diamonds maybe, and gold
  16. Beau potential love interest
  17. Diamonds, say, and gold might win him his girl!
  18. One seeking marriage
  19. Man who is courting a woman
  20. Man trying to attract woman with diamonds, say, and gold
  21. One seeking a date
  22. Bouquet bringer, perhaps
  23. Flatter the woman, we hear. he should!
  24. A man wooing
  25. A man who courts
  26. Romeo, to juliet
  27. Groom-to-be, perhaps
  28. One courting a woman may give diamonds, perhaps, then gold
  29. Clothes with gold one of many to …
  30. Stereotypical bouquet bringer
  31. Clubs or one looking to win one
  32. Guy paying court with diamonds, say, and gold
  33. Japanese waistband
  34. Presumably, he loves who he's calling on with outfit ordered to start resistance
  35. He pays court to a woman
  36. One who's courting
  37. Waist product from ginza?
  38. Stuffy executive or potential husband?
  39. He woos a maid
  40. Old term for an admirer, potential boyfriend
  41. Hopeful lover, being rejected, goes off without you and i
  42. One may give a ring
  43. Guy who may offer a girl a rig
  44. One who courts another

Crosswords containing the word "SUITOR"

  1. Another suitor
  2. Senta's suitor in "the fl
  3. Suitor’s song
  4. Disheartened suitor ends life, abandoned and alone
  5. Suitor's surprise
  6. Jo's suitor in "little wo
  7. A suitor may pitch it
  8. Gatecrashing suitor drunk in bar
  9. About to find juliet's suitor against rich clothing and ornaments generally
  10. Psyche's suitor