1. Like
  2. Cordovan, e.g.
  3. Rice-a-___
  4. Language that utilizes the letter ñ
  5. Bridge is beginning to hinder one means of communication
  6. Institution set up in 1478 by king ferdinand and queen isabella to safeguard catholic orthodoxy
  7. Eg, native of madrid
  8. High school subject
  9. W european bridge is high at the start
  10. Where el ni
  11. Kind of moss
  12. Florida colonizers, with
  13. Don quixote's tongue
  14. Manet painted the __ singer
  15. The __ web is a circus skill similar to corde lisse
  16. The __ flag fish has red and yellow stripes
  17. __steps iberian stone stairway in rome
  18. Penelope cruz first __ actress to win an oscar
  19. Another name for this language is castilian
  20. See 92-down
  21. Rome's --- steps
  22. Foreign language - to get the full extent is hard
  23. Where ''abalone'' comes from
  24. Dali's tongue
  25. Where el niño comes from
  26. Kind of onion, rice or omelet
  27. Be quiet when the god's in there on the continent
  28. Nationality of citizen of cadiz
  29. Steps in rome for his naps
  30. Assembled ships, an armada, was so described
  31. Has spin (anag)
  32. Language of much of the new world
  33. Cervantes wrote it
  34. Language of much of central america
  35. With his panic, the god is in there to keep quiet
  36. Seems the southern peninsula is rather godlike
  37. European language used in other countries
  38. In the wrecked ships, an armada
  39. Sh! the god is in it for 19 across
  40. What mayo might be
  41. Predominant language in miami
  42. 'cómo está usted?' language
  43. Language in lima
  44. Cronin's type of gardener trained at mottram's farm?
  45. Nationality of citizen of malaga
  46. Kind of onion or omelet
  47. Foreign language is hard -- get cross to start with
  48. Ships about an armada
  49. Always the youngster is hugged by mum from madrid
  50. Pin sash up for the language
  51. Tijuana tongue
  52. Tongue of toledo
  53. The nationality has his naps
  54. It's heard a lot in los angeles
  55. __ flu pandemic of 1918 left over 50 million dead
  56. Language of madrid
  57. For such an omelette, pan is hot and square initially
  58. Eg, from madrid
  59. Second-most commonly spoken language in the us
  60. One of the languages spoken in the 2018 movie roma
  61. Southern european people
  62. His pans are from barcelona, say
  63. Stairway in rome italy leading up to the santissima trinita di monte pincio
  64. Being a foreigner, one must keep quiet about where the thing is for frying (7)
  65. Language spoken in central and south america
  66. A language spoken by many in south america
  67. Nationality of writer miguel de cervantes
  68. Questions in this language start with an inverted ?
  69. The official language of chile and ecuador
  70. Nationality of a native madrid resident
  71. First language the painter gauguin learned
  72. Famous ruy lopez chess opening
  73. Most widely spoken romance language
  74. Official language of panama
  75. Nationality of pablo picasso and javier bardem
  76. __ fly; green beetle with blistering poison
  77. The main language that is spoken in argentina
  78. __ steps, stone staircase in rome
  79. Nationality of patatas bravas
  80. Prevalent language in central and south america
  81. Second most widely spoken language in the world
  82. Language in which hola means hello
  83. Official language of cuba and chile
  84. Main language spoken in central america
  85. Language of the film chinese-takeaway
  86. Nationality of poet federico garcía lorca
  87. Common name for castillian language
  88. __ flu, worldwide pandemic of 1918-19
  89. What the answer at 26-across is written in
  90. Most widely spoken language in mexico
  91. Language of the words dropped from 1-, 19-, 36-, and 56-across
  92. La paz language
  93. A person from valencia or malaga
  94. Canary tongue
  95. From valencia or malaga?
  96. __ moss, beard-like plant that grows on cypresses
  97. __ main, caribbean area ruled by a european empire
  98. Whats spoken in barcelona
  99. __ omelette; egg and potato tortilla dish
  100. The official language of cuba, peru and mexico
  101. Nationality of the painter diego velázquez
  102. Language of argentina, cuba and mexico
  103. Language in which foot is pie
  104. Nationality of tennis star rafael nadal
  105. Nationality of artists goya and velázquez
  106. Language in which blanca means white
  107. Official language of bolivia, ecuador and chile
  108. Language of the 2009 documentary style film alamar
  109. Fiesta means feast in this language
  110. Language spoken in a hispanophone country
  111. The language spoken in peru and colombia
  112. Language spoken in many latin american countries
  113. Nationality of golfing legend seve ballesteros
  114. Language spoken in hispanophone countries

Crosswords containing the word "SPANISH"

  1. Spanish woman hiding spanish man's drug
  2. Spanish tenor, placido - or spanish for sunday
  3. Obviously happy spanish-speaker's non-spanish speaker has to go away
  4. Spanish spanish
  5. Spanish cession in the spanish-american war
  6. The spanish man (old fool) goes the wrong way on spanish trip
  7. Philosopher (spanish one - with another spanish one after a minute)
  8. Army capturing spanish region having got right inside spanish city
  9. One spanish minute: one spanish philosopher
  10. Pot made by spanish girl broken by spanish boy