1. Opponent of stripes in billiards
  2. They go well with plaids
  3. One side in a pool game
  4. Sphere and cube
  5. Side in eightball
  6. Recovering patients consu
  7. Pyramid and cube
  8. Very plain dish, oddly missing food
  9. Thus covers will be needed for non-fluid items
  10. Threedimensional objects
  11. Dietary group
  12. They need to be chewed
  13. Infant's new menu
  14. Carter bays power pop group, with "the"
  15. Cone and cube
  16. Three-dimensional objects
  17. Stripes' counterparts
  18. Cube and cone
  19. Bodies or shapes with three dimensions
  20. Pool side
  21. Spheres and pyramids
  22. Sphere and cube, for two
  23. Some billiard balls
  24. Some foods for growing babies
  25. They're not hollow
  26. Platonic interests?
  27. Cubes, spheres, et al
  28. Cone, cube and sphere
  29. Cones and spheres
  30. Cones and cubes
  31. Food, as opposed to drinks
  32. Three-dimensional figures
  33. Cones and prisms
  34. They're not liquid or gaseous
  35. Pyramid and sphere, e.g
  36. Pyramids and cubes
  37. Geometric category
  38. One side in eight-ball
  39. Non-liquid food items
  40. Three-dimensional shapes
  41. Prism and pyramid
  42. Not gasses or liquids
  43. Not liquids or gases; hard materials
  44. Not liquids or gases
  45. Materials that are hard, not liquids or gases
  46. Cube and cone, eg
  47. Pool choice
  48. Infants don't eat them
  49. Not liquids or gases; hard objects
  50. Not liquids, first hard food for babies
  51. Non liquid food
  52. Big favors in slang
  53. All but one of the balls in 9-ball

Crosswords containing the word "SOLIDS"

  1. Geometric solids
  2. Geometrical solids
  3. Separating liquids from solids
  4. Separates solids from oil in a engine
  5. Round solids
  6. Solids with 20 faces
  7. Originally teach with a rod, creating geometrical solids
  8. Having company over, eat hard cooked solids
  9. Rejecting fluid, take solids, say, back in precarious position
  10. Scale expressing the hardness of solids