1. Do some shoal searching?
  2. Air on the tube
  3. Underwater breathing tube
  4. Scuba gear
  5. Surface breathing tube
  6. Breathing tube
  7. Loners at sea carrying kilo in swimming gear
  8. Surface swimmer's breathing aid
  9. View coral reefs, maybe
  10. Tube used to breathe underwater
  11. Breathing tube taking nitrogen and oxygen right through half of body's frame
  12. Swimming aid: no risk losing one at sea (spanish article)
  13. King going in to be stertorous, having left tube
  14. Swim at a shoal, maybe
  15. Skin diver's tube
  16. Device allowing a swimmer to breathe underwater
  17. The tube for below-surface travel
  18. Submarine ventilation device
  19. Tube needed to be below the surface
  20. Tube for swimmer
  21. Spearfisher gear
  22. Breathing aid for a swimmer
  23. Breathing tube for under-water swimmer
  24. Diver's breathing device
  25. Enjoy coral reefs
  26. King entering sound asleep left for a breather
  27. Swimmer's breathing aid
  28. Surface-swimming equipment
  29. Coral reef explorer's device
  30. Diver's aid
  31. Face-mask attachment
  32. Bent tube for a swimmer's mouth
  33. Swimming apparatus
  34. Breathing tube for divers
  35. Swimmer's breathing device
  36. Diver's air-tube
  37. Tube bringing air to swimmer
  38. Thousand attending tedious event left in tube
  39. Underwater aid
  40. That'll help you get the wind down when you're down
  41. Swimmers breathing tube
  42. Swimmer's air tube
  43. Breathing tube used underwater when viewing reefs
  44. Enjoy shallow coral reefs say
  45. To inhale endless seaweed mostly provides source of inspiration at sea
  46. Do a school visit in a way?
  47. A breathing tube for quickly diving underwater
  48. Use it to breathe while you look at the fish
  49. Curved tube used by swimmers to breathe through
  50. Tube for divers to breathe
  51. Tube supplying air to swimmer
  52. Apparatus for breathing while submerged
  53. Underwater breathing apparatus
  54. Divers use this to breathe just below the surface
  55. Spotting fish, with a face mask and breathing tube
  56. Tube used to breathe at water surface
  57. Breathing tube for swimming under water
  58. Breathing tube used when viewing coral reefs
  59. Breathing device for swimmers
  60. Diver's breathing tube used with a facemask
  61. (semi-)underwater breathing apparatus

Crosswords containing the word "SNORKEL"

  1. Sgt. snorkel's four-legge
  2. Snorkel, e.g.: abbr.
  3. Snorkel, fins, etc.
  4. Sgt. snorkel's dog
  5. Snorkel and colleagues: a
  6. Sgt. snorkel
  7. Bilko and snorkel
  8. Snorkel et al., familiarly
  9. Snorkel, for one (abbr.)
  10. York and snorkel: abbr.