1. Kill it
  2. So to speak
  3. Knock ___!
  4. Leave rolling in the aisles
  5. Crack ___
  6. Bump into
  7. Take, as a life
  8. Rub out
  9. “___ do”
  10. Knock dead at the comedy club
  11. What good comics do
  12. Leave laughing
  13. Overwhelm, at a comedy cl
  14. Make heads roll?
  15. Leave helpless with laugh
  16. Knock em dead
  17. Leave in stitches
  18. Have rolling in the aisle
  19. Kill intentionally
  20. Do away with
  21. Send rolling in the aisle
  22. Overwhelm with humor
  23. Delight, slangily
  24. Do, so to speak
  25. Kill, as a dragon
  26. Cunning head of abbey concealed butcher
  27. Do in, as a dragon
  28. Dispatch snow vehicle, it's heard
  29. Evoke gaiety with gags at a gig
  30. Cause hysterics in
  31. Bump off a dragon
  32. Do in as a vampire
  33. Dispatch vehicle, we hear
  34. 'you -- to me?'
  35. Make a killing with capital i extracted from scottish island
  36. Kill the present transport mechanism, soundly
  37. Amuse to the max
  38. Form of transport reportedly available to butcher
  39. Dispatch a dragon
  40. Knowing about a murder
  41. Have rolling in the aisles
  42. Emulate buffy
  43. Overwhelm with laughter
  44. Perhaps banks lending capital make a killing
  45. Do away with, as a vampire
  46. Finish off, as a fire-breather
  47. Transport announced for butcher
  48. Dispatch, as dragons
  49. Wipe out, as a dragon
  50. Kill or delight
  51. Delight, as a comedy club crowd
  52. Greatly amuse
  53. Vanquish a vampire
  54. Murder a tinker outside
  55. Cause to roll in the aisles
  56. Really entertain, at a comedy showcase
  57. Assassin's order
  58. Fatally hit when express appears, crossing line
  59. Wow, as a stand-up
  60. Kill, as the minotaur
  61. Kill or put in stitches
  62. Kill, like a vampire or dragon
  63. Second place is top
  64. Assassinate
  65. Capital i extracted from scottish island to make a killing
  66. Greatly amuse with line in statement of opinion
  67. More than just amuse
  68. Knock dead, as a crowd
  69. Overwhelm with amusement
  70. Speak about sinister murder
  71. Kill with premeditation
  72. Kill or greatly amuse
  73. Amuse immensely
  74. Dispatch snow vehicle, we hear
  75. Amuse greatly
  76. Make laugh in a big way
  77. Draw guffaws from
  78. More than amuse
  79. Overwhelm with one-liners
  80. Kill it or just kill
  81. Dispose of, as a dragon
  82. Kill criminal at last in state
  83. Vanquish, as a dragon
  84. Amuse highly
  85. Kill with jokes
  86. Defeat as a dragon
  87. Nfl dead ball ruling
  88. Slaughter as a knight might do to a dragon
  89. ___ the dragon (overcome the challenge)
  90. Wow 'em at the comedy club
  91. The prince will ___ the dragon. (kill)
  92. Kill an animal in a violent way
  93. Finish off, as a dragon
  94. Kill like a comedian
  95. Cause to convulse with laughter
  96. Cunning about a murder
  97. (second place) exterminate
  98. Massacre
  99. Perform excellently
  100. Leave laughing in the aisles
  101. Kill a vampire like buffy
  102. Delight at the comedy club
  103. Knock off, or knock the socks off
  104. Voice-over leader from league is cut to pieces
  105. Frequent verb in beyonce's formation
  106. Do in
  107. Terminate in small place
  108. Perform amazingly in slang
  109. Kill as a dragon
  110. Destroy as a vampire
  111. Violently kill
  112. Destroy scottish island — no small island
  113. Succeed at the comedy club
  114. Look extremely stylish slangily
  115. Take out as a vampire
  116. Dispatch as a dragon
  117. Wow with humor
  118. What buffy would do to a vampire or demon
  119. Do in as a dragon
  120. Kill like a dragon

Crosswords containing the word "SLAY"

  1. Slay, in a way
  2. Slay somebody
  3. Moose drool or trout slay
  4. Slay me (anag)
  5. It would be terrible to slay rex, one held
  6. "u slay me!"
  7. Slay
  8. Crazed demoniac who wants to slay people?
  9. Slay cop with a west indian song
  10. If you do this to bob's, it sounds as if it might slay it