1. Drama series set in computerless it company!
  2. Soap alternative
  3. “30 rock” or “3rd rock from the sun”
  4. Tv series?
  5. Friends perhaps get regular bouts of sciatica from leaving france
  6. Tech firm getting into bondage could be worth a laugh!
  7. Yes, it comes across something funny
  8. Tv show intended to be humorous
  9. Television portmanteau wo
  10. Abbreviated form of a tv comedy
  11. Friends, for example, lie and tease endlessly
  12. Tv standard
  13. Won't stand the show that's so firm and grand
  14. Television portmanteau word
  15. It has its place in tv humour
  16. "mom" or "dads"
  17. Amusing tv series
  18. The bbc's "pinwright's progress" is reportedly the first tv one
  19. Light-hearted tv series
  20. Tv comedy
  21. "cheers," for one
  22. Model cut short crooner once in tv programme
  23. "full house," but not "house"
  24. "2 broke girls," for one
  25. Its broadcast leads to chuckles of mirth
  26. "alice," "ellen" or "maude"
  27. Information technology firm involved in sadomasochism produced by television comedy
  28. I'm scot messing about in tv programme
  29. 'parks and recreation,' for one
  30. 'friends' or 'frasier'
  31. Streamer selection
  32. Funny tv show typically about a family
  33. Tv show with a laugh track
  34. Friends, perhaps, arrive shortly after rest
  35. That's funny pose with company man's leader
  36. Model firm's source of material for programme
  37. Monastic order rejecting impertinent show of levity
  38. Half-hour show, often
  39. Top-10 tv show, often
  40. So artist's finally received award for tv programme
  41. Syndication category
  42. ''m*a*s*h'' or ''friends''
  43. Funny show featuring model and short groom
  44. Tv portmanteau
  45. Tv show often with a laugh track
  46. Type of comedy show
  47. As it's all for show, you may make it firm inside
  48. 'modern family' or 'all in the family'
  49. Sergeant-major includes it with company programme
  50. I'm on tv with card about a month back
  51. ''friends,'' for example
  52. ''seinfeld'' or ''cheers''
  53. Prime-time staple
  54. 'the big bang theory,' e.g
  55. Humorous drama based on situations, in short
  56. What's firm in the mist is all for show
  57. It includes humour? some miss it completely
  58. ''the office,'' e.g.
  59. ''alice'' or ''roseanne''
  60. Don't stand for anything so firm and grand in play
  61. Sees it coming? not altogether; this could be fun
  62. "seinfeld" or "frasier"
  63. Both finally failing in desire to take part in any tv show
  64. It's peculiar to mock most of rising television series
  65. Tv series (colloq.)
  66. It's produced by committee for tv series
  67. Light entertainment programme
  68. Independent television commission looks in to some abridged tv programme
  69. Funny tv series
  70. Show company beginning to move after rest
  71. Amusing tv genre
  72. 'humorous drama based on situations, in short (6)'
  73. Funny show with model beginning to caress old male
  74. Series of funny bits?
  75. Tv series -- it's funny, endless tease
  76. The cost i'm made is all for show
  77. ''i love lucy'' or ''30 rock''
  78. Take a seat, arriving half cut for show
  79. ''the office'' or ''30 rock''
  80. Community or friends say
  81. Funny tv show based on everyday events
  82. Friends on tv?
  83. Humorous tv series for short
  84. Light tv series
  85. Tv series informal
  86. Porridge maybe in breakfasts it complements
  87. Ongoing light-entertainment tv series for laughs
  88. "scrubs," e.g.
  89. Seinfeld or modern family
  90. "being on a __ stops me from getting alzheimer's": jerry stiller
  91. "seinfeld" or "rules of engagement"
  92. Humorous situation drama, in short
  93. Seems one just can't stand a comedy like this
  94. Show model short dress
  95. "scrubs," for one
  96. Half-hour tv show, often
  97. Episodical tv programme
  98. Shortened form of situation comedy
  99. Modern family, eg
  100. Funny tv show, typically about group of characters
  101. Any tv series with laughs
  102. Humorous tv series with recurring characters
  103. Prime-time category
  104. "30 rock," e.g
  105. Kind of tv programme
  106. Form of tv comedy
  107. Tv series like friends or modern family
  108. Primetime fare
  109. Humorous tv programme
  110. Its funny, a gas, millions seen on tv
  111. Lighthearted, comedy tv series format
  112. Friends say its strange even actor gets married
  113. Porridge maybe visit company stocking it
  114. Father ted or frasier
  115. Company behind it is involved in odd bits of some tv show
  116. Its crazy to scoff unfinished rolls, as many here are
  117. Funny tv show
  118. Im a tv show genre for friends or seinfeld
  119. The big bang theory or friends, e g
  120. Friends or modern family, for one
  121. Short name for funny tv or radio series

Crosswords containing the word "SITCOM"

  1. Furry sitcom alien
  2. Hit 1970s sitcom
  3. Sitcom cook who said stow it!
  4. Black-___ (abc sitcom)
  5. Sitcom mother portrayer of 1987-97 and (on a different show) 2002-05
  6. Old sitcom couple's surna
  7. Sitcom about the hart fam
  8. Country star's sitcom
  9. Hirsute sitcom relative
  10. Three-foot 1980s sitcom character