1. Like
  2. Relationship between matron and nurse
  3. You said it!
  4. Woman with a cause
  5. Close relation
  6. Girl with the same parents as you
  7. William has one named ethel
  8. 14 across has one named ethel
  9. Devoted feminist
  10. Many a maid of honor
  11. Lisa to bart
  12. “sob”
  13. Woman with vows
  14. Hospital employee is coming in the back, mostly
  15. Female sibling
  16. Artemis, to apollo
  17. Sibling
  18. Many a bridesmaid
  19. Female relative
  20. Mother superior's charge
  21. A female sibling
  22. Venus is also called the earth's __ planet
  23. Sibling relationship between cities __ city
  24. Lord embracing holy woman or vice versa?
  25. I get her in a twisted tress
  26. Nun, to a nun
  27. Relatively hospitably?
  28. One has inward work to a relative extent
  29. Nurse is to inject into back shortly
  30. She is not the only child in the ward
  31. The nurse in charge of some wards is terribly stern
  32. Female family member
  33. The rest is relative
  34. Clio to erato
  35. Relatively rests about one
  36. She works relatively inwards
  37. Anne brontë to emily
  38. One of the family is among the rest
  39. May be working inwards
  40. She works relatively inwardly
  41. One is relatively in the tangled tress
  42. She is on the job, relatively inwards
  43. Relative in hospital
  44. One responsible for organising tenders
  45. Is in the rest; is in the ward
  46. Maid of honor, often
  47. Bridesmaid, often
  48. One's in a house or a ward
  49. One works relatively inwards
  50. Brian leaves sinister bar with relative
  51. Is she a fellow?
  52. Resist about the sibling
  53. Relative from south is initially thorough, extremely rigorous
  54. Resits (anag.)
  55. .a relative to resist
  56. In family inward
  57. No wall in stairwells or in the abbey
  58. Award she gets is for her work
  59. Relatively in wards
  60. Only out of storylines in the hospital
  61. Nun from the slums is teresa
  62. Heard none of the family could have one
  63. Nun or sibling
  64. Nurse in moorfields is terrific
  65. Convent-ional title?
  66. 96-across, for one
  67. Nurse, nun or relative
  68. Resist mixing up one of the relatives
  69. In close relation with nursing
  70. Nurse or nun
  71. Inward relation
  72. Relative is up to rest being broken
  73. The sort of relation 4 across would have
  74. There may be none so sound as she in the family
  75. Gretel, to hansel
  76. 'little ___' (1961 elvis song)
  77. The rest gets relatively with patience, by the sound of it
  78. 'nurse, nun or relative (6)'
  79. Orderly type?
  80. Resist breakup of feminist organisation
  81. She goes 35 across for work
  82. Nurse demanding cut is bandaged
  83. Sounds as if there's none like her
  84. One may perhaps be conventional or work inwards
  85. Cunningly tries to introduce son as sibling
  86. Lucas leaves secularists with relative
  87. Rest is ordered for woman in hospital
  88. Phoebe, to mnemosyne
  89. Nun
  90. She is relatively among the rest
  91. You'll find this one relatively inwards
  92. Nurse, nun and relative
  93. Tender relative
  94. A nurse will make the connection
  95. Title for a nun
  96. Relation between staff nurse and matron
  97. Sounds as if there's none like her inwards
  98. Sounds as if there's none relatively like her
  99. Senior nurse
  100. Nun's title
  101. The rest is for her
  102. Mother superior has built ties in the family
  103. Khloe or kourtney, to kim
  104. Sounds as if there's none to go with 10 across
  105. How one is relatively in a twist tress
  106. Desperately resist dreiser's carrie
  107. Rock's twisted __
  108. Resist being corrupted by family member
  109. The rest is what makes this to a relative extent
  110. Ivanka to tiffany
  111. Sorority member
  112. Brother's opposite
  113. Martin —, film director
  114. Kinswoman
  115. Close female relative
  116. 7 down is in hospital
  117. Sounds like none other than the one that works inwards
  118. Nurse helping to give injections is terrific
  119. Nurse someone like ophelia
  120. One is to be found in her tangled tress
  121. None so good as she, by the sound of it
  122. '__ carrie' (dreiser title)
  123. Cordelia, to regan
  124. Family member who's kept in order?
  125. A next of kin
  126. Relative; nun
  127. Below 11 down, to a relative extent
  128. Relatively inward?
  129. Resist interference by family member
  130. Resist (anag) — nurse
  131. One of chekhov's trio, first in short series
  132. Senior nurse; relative
  133. Relation in mathematics is terrible
  134. Order member, perhaps
  135. Nun entertained by monks is terrified
  136. Relation is turning severe, almost totally
  137. Certain sibling
  138. All the rest is merely relative
  139. The rest is relatively feminine
  140. Dreiser's carrie, e.g.
  141. In opposition to a relative extent re this
  142. Inward worker to a relative extent
  143. This one of the family may be necessary of one is sickening
  144. Outsiders reject duo from the family
  145. Pippa to kate middleton
  146. The spanish agent has turned out to be smart
  147. The spanish agent has turned smart
  148. Resist plan that's relative
  149. Venus williams to serena
  150. Member in a neat arrangement showing refinement
  151. Get lean in order to be graceful
  152. Senior female nurse
  153. Maid of honor sometimes
  154. Nurse, nun or relation
  155. Nurse, nun and sibling
  156. Look for her 4 down
  157. Look inwards for her
  158. One's relatively inward- working
  159. One works inwards in the family
  160. One is relatively busy inwards
  161. One works inwards
  162. Convent inhabitant
  163. Portrait of cristina, my __, by frida kahlo
  164. English translation of the spanish word "hermana"
  165. My __, the serial killer by oyinkan braithwaite
  166. She could have a job inwards
  167. Counterpart of brother
  168. One's sibling is in church
  169. Ivanka to donald jr.
  170. She works relatively inwards for the church
  171. How i rests to a relative extent
  172. One is relatively in the tangled trees
  173. She's to be found relatively inward
  174. 'she works relatively inwards, it seems (6)'
  175. Tender, relatively speaking
  176. English translation of the french word "soeur"
  177. Convent address
  178. A brother’s female relative
  179. Film trilogy starring whoopi goldberg: __ act
  180. Resist what's found in the cloister
  181. Little __; female sibling elvis song title

Crosswords containing the word "SISTER"

  1. 'sister, sister' sister
  2. Tim of "sister, sister"
  3. Your sister's son's sister
  4. Gatsby¿s mother¿s sister produces his mother¿s mother¿s sister
  5. Your sister's son's sister, to you
  6. Sister
  7. Apollo's twin sister
  8. Biblical sister of rachel
  9. A brontë sister
  10. Holdens younger sister in the catcher in the rye