1. As turing deciphered enigma, initially used to identify someone
  2. Endorsement for sicilian leaders' good temperament
  3. Distinctive characteristic
  4. Autograph
  5. Form of id
  6. Identifying script
  7. Personal mark
  8. Handwritten name
  9. Your handwritten name on a line
  10. A __ tune = a theme song
  11. Notice a true change to subscription
  12. Giants rue faked endorsement
  13. By the sound of it, the snaps one might expect from royalty
  14. Identifying piece of writing, tune etc
  15. One's mark
  16. Revolutionary soldiers, kind to show distinctive style
  17. A guest in reception initially could provide proof of identity
  18. One's name in one's own writing
  19. The american soldier's backward character? sounds all right for him to put it at the bottom
  20. Yes — italian character receives good endorsement
  21. Distinctive way of writing name
  22. Tune that can make a singer's name
  23. Identifying pattern that's bound to squash one irritant
  24. Is over midge ure's autograph
  25. Personal sign of soldier's upstanding character
  26. John hancock
  27. (in music) the sharps or flats that follow the clef and indicate the key
  28. Major character of thackeray
  29. Swinging tune: is rag time indicated by this?
  30. Rooney's was an expensive one
  31. Name written by its owner
  32. Riverside captain
  33. Uncontrollable urge isn't a mark of identification
  34. One insect nailed by certain characteristic
  35. __ tune music by which a person is known
  36. __ strip; panel on the reverse of a credit card
  37. Legal handwritten name
  38. Autograph; written record of someone's name
  39. Signed name inscribed on a banknote
  40. One's john hancock
  41. Mark on a section of a book, helps its compilation
  42. Handwritten name or autograph
  43. Bundle of folded pages, sewn together for a book
  44. The hand-written name of a person
  45. A handwritten name at the end of a letter
  46. Autograph
  47. Someone's name written as a form of identification
  48. Artist's name scribbled on a picture
  49. Scrawled name or autograph
  50. Writing your name on a check, a contract, a form
  51. Endorsement is rejected by midge ure
  52. Bottom line contents often
  53. The hand written name of a person
  54. Sometimes its needed when receiving a package
  55. Formal, identifying written form of your name
  56. Personal scrawl to acknowledge receipt of a parcel
  57. Youll need to sign yours on official documents
  58. Handwritten record of your name on a document
  59. Printed sheet folded to become part of a book
  60. Hand-written name on document
  61. Certain to include bizarre giant identifying mark
  62. Six records of shakespeares survive today
  63. Time tells musician how many beats per measure
  64. What is john hancock best known for

Crosswords containing the word "SIGNATURE"

  1. Helen reddys signature hit
  2. Graffitists signature
  3. 1930-40s film star with the signature song youll never know
  4. Confederate signature
  5. Signature obama legislation, for short
  6. Signature obama measure, for short
  7. Key signature with four sharps
  8. Enterprise log signature
  9. Signature tune of 68-/70-across
  10. Noted civil war signature