1. Like
  2. Remains of a ship that crashed
  3. Perhaps it's a sea foundry that's such a dead loss
  4. 'the tempest' occurrence
  5. Marine salvage crew's job
  6. Gilligan's fate
  7. Whisper surreptitiously about end of bismarck -- as this?
  8. Remains of a sunken galleon
  9. It may cost someone a packet? pish!
  10. What may have been lighter before sinking?
  11. When she 12 across, she went down thus
  12. Pish! why ring the lutine bell?
  13. The more washing up there is, the bigger it's been
  14. Disaster at sea
  15. Seagoing vessel on bottom of ocean
  16. Fate of the titanic
  17. The end of the end of 12 across
  18. Sunken remains of a vessel
  19. What's left of a sunken boat
  20. Maritime disaster
  21. Sunken sea vessel's ruins
  22. Destruction of a vessel at sea
  23. Crusoe's misfortune
  24. Foundered vessel
  25. Boat destroyed on rocks or struck in the sea
  26. A sunken boat that remains beneath the waves
  27. The underwater remains of a sunken boat
  28. That'll sink at sea
  29. Vessel that sinks or is marooned on a shore
  30. Site of a sunken vessel on the seabed
  31. Site of a sea vessel that sank or washed ashore
  32. Sunken vessel on dangerous coasts
  33. The titanic is an example of this maritime fate
  34. Broken remains of a boat
  35. The black swan was a discovered full of gold
  36. Underwater accident, like the titanic
  37. Remains of a boat crash
  38. Sunken remains of a boat
  39. The characters on gilligans island survived one

Crosswords containing the word "SHIPWRECK"

  1. Shipwreck site, perhaps
  2. Setting for many shipwreck movies
  3. Shipwreck locale
  4. Site of many a shipwreck
  5. Shipwreck spot, maybe
  6. Shipwreck cause, sometime
  7. Shipwreck signal
  8. When the shipwreck occurs
  9. Shipwreck site
  10. Robinson __ daniel defoe novel about shipwreck