1. Cover found in gamekeeper's heather
  2. Enclose one magazine inside another
  3. Cover a point?
  4. Protect in a cover
  5. Put away, as a sword
  6. Protect small moorland plant river washed away
  7. That woman has two articles to enclose
  8. Put away, as a dagger
  9. Put the sword away
  10. Put in a scabbard
  11. She is given two articles set in a case
  12. Put (a sword) into its holder
  13. Replace, as one's sword
  14. Passion exhibited in novel case
  15. In this heat, helmet's put back in case
  16. Put (a sword) it its cover
  17. Does this cover up the way she gets at him?
  18. Where a sword is kept
  19. Is the female getting at the male for cover?
  20. Safely store sulphur beside plant, cropped
  21. Cover up, lady. hate streaking
  22. Cover a woman attending a man
  23. Cover woman to keep warm
  24. If it comes to blows, this might cover a matrimonial matter
  25. Put away in case it causes agitation in some woman
  26. The woman with two articles to stow away safely
  27. Girl with two articles to stow away safely
  28. Put away, as a hunting knife
  29. Put one's sword away
  30. Two articles attached to book cover
  31. The woman without warmth found cover
  32. Cover up herself at himself?
  33. Cover in case he hates to move
  34. Encase in protection
  35. Put (a sword) into case
  36. Novel articles put in case
  37. Cover up any way of her getting at him
  38. A woman with articles to put into a case
  39. Female articles put in case
  40. That girl with a definite article to get under wraps!
  41. This may provide cover for marital strife (7)
  42. Put in cover, protected by sun's heat here
  43. Seems it's himself that's being got at by her for cover
  44. Give the female the heat wave to cover
  45. Stow, as a sword
  46. With so much cover she is about to get hot
  47. Cover-up for domestic strife, it seems
  48. Cover the female at the male
  49. Cover in a protective layer
  50. Put away as a saber
  51. Protective cover, for sword say
  52. How the woman gets at the man for cover
  53. Seems his wife gets at him for cover
  54. If it's a matter of her attacking him, there may be a sword to put in like this
  55. This how to cover up wife and husband trouble
  56. She will get under cover to get at him
  57. Is this a cover-up of domestic dispute, perhaps?
  58. That'll provide cover for domestic strife, perhaps
  59. The wife will get at the husband under cover
  60. Cover for a cat-and-dog dispute?
  61. Might this provide cover for the wife getting at her husband?
  62. Note affection for a clothing item
  63. Cover put away in 'quiet man'
  64. Put away, he hates to reform
  65. Put in a protective cover
  66. Woman holding magazine cover
  67. Encase
  68. He hates arranging cover
  69. Cover article supporting nut tree
  70. Put in a scabbard

Crosswords containing the word "SHEATHE"

  1. Sheathe
  2. Sheathe pen, disoriented with love
  3. Second demand to sheathe sports knife