1. Breed of dog
  2. Irish ___
  3. Hunting dog
  4. Could be arachne's dog
  5. Volleyball player
  6. Dog fouled street
  7. Crossword maker; dog
  8. Passer and blocker's team
  9. Bird dog
  10. Game finder
  11. Dog hidden by swirling cigarette smoke
  12. You might say yours truly is a dog
  13. English dog
  14. Bowling alley machine
  15. Type or pin follower
  16. Dog with fixed expression getting clipped
  17. Certain volleyball player
  18. Useful hunting companion
  19. Volleyball position
  20. Hunting companion, maybe
  21. Gun dog
  22. Irish canine
  23. One gives a clue for dog
  24. Compiler’s best friend — irish, perhaps?
  25. Crossword compiler
  26. Dog variety prefixed by english gordon and irish
  27. An irish __ is a dog breed with a dark red coat
  28. Dog in the evening sun?
  29. Maybe paul's temperature doubled in sibyl's embrace!
  30. Thy servant a dog
  31. This could be a type of red
  32. Breed of dog — crossword compiler
  33. Hunter's dog
  34. I could be a red, for example
  35. I may be a red, for example
  36. Araucaria in queer street
  37. Crossword compiler for the sun?
  38. One like rover could be red
  39. Dogged by a type of employee in the irish times
  40. The type of dog you get in print
  41. That's the type of dog one might expect to find in the irish times
  42. Street (anag.)
  43. Long-haired dog
  44. Dog and bone specialist?
  45. The type of 13 across one might find in the irish times?
  46. English crossword constructor
  47. In a kenel, likewise about a teetotaller
  48. Dog trained to point at game
  49. Irish or english dog
  50. Dog that's getting stiff
  51. Crossword creator, in britain
  52. Dog who is giving you problems right now?
  53. Where you'll find an i in the capital's high street
  54. Jelly, perhaps, for dog
  55. Dog variety
  56. Popular gundog
  57. 16 in queer street
  58. Irish __ (hunting dog)
  59. English or irish hunting dog
  60. Late evening sun is a pointer
  61. A dog trained to stand still when it scents game
  62. A sporting dog
  63. I must be sober in sibyl's arms
  64. Common hunting dog
  65. Kennel club category
  66. Dogged enough to find some type of work with the irish times
  67. It's me dog!
  68. The sun going down for barking animal?
  69. I, for one, condemned retest
  70. Some basset, terrier or other dog
  71. I have hidden titania's crown amongst enchanted trees …
  72. Sporting canine
  73. The examiner's a dog!
  74. That's the type of dog you might find at the irish times
  75. The type of dog one might find at the irish times
  76. It helps to locate game or puzzle constructor
  77. Possible 1 for the sun?
  78. I for one, condemned street
  79. That's the type of dog that will get into print
  80. Dog traversing somerset terrain
  81. Sofa not quite finished right for me
  82. One may get doggedly red of a type of work
  83. Quail-hunting dog
  84. Red - - , dog
  85. Puzzle composer
  86. "irish" dog
  87. Compiler
  88. (crossword) compiler, dog
  89. The 11 down teetotaller in such wise surroundings
  90. Me, on this occasion
  91. 'by the sound of it, take it as read, doggedly (6)'
  92. The crossword compiler's dog?
  93. Our rover? a dog!
  94. May be a type of a dog
  95. Crossword compiler
  96. Irish hunting dog, for one
  97. Dog's left abandoned by person taking up residence
  98. Street being out of order, one provides direction to game
  99. Dog - crossword compiler
  100. Crossword compiler's pet
  101. Dog -- one posing a problem?
  102. Could be me and my dog
  103. Big bird dog
  104. Son's less resolute, wife having left me
  105. Compiler as canine
  106. The type of working dog one might find in the irish times
  107. Bird trained to scent game
  108. Hunting canine
  109. Irish sporting dog
  110. Order to a new knight
  111. Irish dog breed with reddish silky fur
  112. Passer and blocker's teammate
  113. Game dog
  114. Dog found in street
  115. Dog trained to scent game
  116. Likewise canine about the teetotaller
  117. A type of dog you'd expect to find in the irish times
  118. One has beastly type of work with this in the irish times
  119. One may be so dogged with one's type of work with print
  120. The type of dog one might expect to find in print
  121. Irish english or gordon longhaired gundog breed
  122. The type of work in the irish times for one that may be red
  123. A pointer for a bunthorne?
  124. The dog for me
  125. Dog — araucaria's our top one!
  126. Dog - compiler
  127. Irish __, a large dog with flowing fur
  128. Ending for type or trend
  129. Crossword composer

Crosswords containing the word "SETTER"

  1. Clue solver's way which might be adapted to break setter?clue solver's way which might be adapted to break setter?
  2. Setter's measure and setter's award
  3. Setter left country, then the setter's in the money!
  4. European setter regularly upset this setter -- one needs respect!
  5. Setter's setter's working as a singer
  6. Bringing up a setter, perhaps, setter's about to change
  7. Setter in french capital played joker before setter wrote of trio on the thames
  8. Board promoting setter, as setter might say?
  9. Bone setter got up in mink?
  10. Baseball record-setter of