1. Wasnt a straphanger
  2. Was on the bench
  3. Gained a lap
  4. Obeyed "down in front!"
  5. Perched (on)
  6. Wasn't active
  7. Didnt get bought
  8. Rode the pine
  9. Completed a lap?
  10. Used, as a chair
  11. Didn't move
  12. Put an end to something?
  13. “out!”
  14. Remained unused
  15. Kind of score
  16. Used a stool
  17. Kind of scores
  18. Modeled
  19. Waited on
  20. Took a seat
  21. Took a breather
  22. Never left the bench, say
  23. Stayed on the shelf
  24. Emulated jack horner
  25. Held a session
  26. Was idle
  27. Rode the bench
  28. Went nowhere
  29. Got comfy
  30. Used sofa?
  31. Took a load off
  32. Coll. entrance exam
  33. Subject of some prep classes
  34. Minded junior
  35. Didn't participate
  36. Suppressed
  37. Parked oneself
  38. Rested part of the weekend
  39. Went unused
  40. Sr. stress source
  41. Plopped (down)
  42. Did not stir
  43. Wasn't off one's rocker?
  44. Exam for h.s. seniors
  45. Was not off one's rocker
  46. Convened
  47. Assembled
  48. Didn't bring up the rear?
  49. Used a tuffet
  50. Was in session
  51. Plopped down on santa's l
  52. Precollege hurdle, for sh
  53. Used a bench
  54. Got into the swing, say
  55. A score
  56. Warmed the bench
  57. Didn't act up
  58. Was immobile
  59. Calendar abbr.
  60. Did nothing
  61. Rested (on)
  62. Was seated
  63. Succeeded at musical chai
  64. Bannon denying the first lady is "clever, steadfast"
  65. Marked time
  66. Roman god of agriculture
  67. Fri. follower
  68. Pre-coll. exam
  69. Couldn't stand
  70. Precollege exam
  71. Took school exam
  72. Watched, in a way
  73. Suddenly became attentive
  74. Didn't get used
  75. Parked it
  76. Got into the swing
  77. Was on a jury
  78. Stood no more
  79. Put down a can?
  80. Was inactive
  81. Came to rest
  82. Took a chair
  83. Didn't play
  84. Like-minded
  85. Day of the wk. ... or an
  86. Collected dust
  87. Served on a jury
  88. Was on the bottom?
  89. Had an uneventful day
  90. Made a lap
  91. Gathered dust
  92. Collected splinters, so t
  93. Didn't budge
  94. Used a pew
  95. H.s. exam for college hopefuls
  96. Notwithstanding with such a weak end, by the sound of it
  97. Posed for
  98. Were in session
  99. Planted one's butt
  100. Notwithstanding this, it's before the sun comes up
  101. 'returned with thanks, perhaps, by the end of the week (3)'
  102. Notwithstanding, this would get in fine stuff (3)
  103. A sun's after being in the chair
  104. Didn't rise
  105. Relaxed on the sofa
  106. 'that comes before sun-up, notwithstanding (3)'
  107. Emulated miss muffet and humpty dumpty
  108. Stayed idle
  109. Didn't stand
  110. Got down to it before the sun came up
  111. Rested one's feet
  112. Idled
  113. Did some modeling
  114. Didn't get in the game
  115. Emulated a benchwarmer
  116. Couldn't stand what came in front of 17 across
  117. Minded the kids
  118. Not up before the sun comes up
  119. Remained idle
  120. Used one's ass
  121. Used chairs
  122. Was successful at musical chairs
  123. Shortly before the sun comes up
  124. One could not stand this before the sun
  125. It's all very fine to get this in by the end of the week
  126. Prepared to play the cello
  127. Joined the table
  128. Did nothing for science and technology leaders
  129. It may be used for mensa admission
  130. The day after fri
  131. Return with thanks by the end of the week
  132. Fri.-sun. link
  133. Stopped standing
  134. Didn't go anywhere, say
  135. Got ready for a lap dog
  136. National hs exam
  137. Used an armchair
  138. What both miss muffet and humpty dumpty did
  139. Rested, in a way
  140. Wasn't left standing
  141. Test with an essay section
  142. Cal. column
  143. Used a 38-down
  144. Word with ''up'' or ''down''
  145. Collected splinters so to speak
  146. Notwithstanding this, one shortly follows 26 down
  147. Did not play
  148. Remained on the bench
  149. Plunked down
  150. Grabbed a chair
  151. Notwithstanding, it always comes before the sun
  152. Waited, perhaps
  153. Was sitting
  154. Got up from a chair
  155. Notwithstanding, that always seems to come before the sun
  156. Took a breather, in a way
  157. Responded to "down in front!"
  158. Didn't go anywhere
  159. Didn't straphang
  160. Put one's cheeks down?
  161. First verb in 'little miss muffet'
  162. Convened, in a way
  163. Didn't sell
  164. Used an ottoman
  165. Got off one's feet
  166. What kate bush did on "your lap"?
  167. Used a bean bag chair
  168. Went to waste
  169. Was benched
  170. Day of the wk. ... or an exam usually taken on that day
  171. What little miss muffet did
  172. Kate bush "___ in your lap"
  173. Sr.'s challenge
  174. Put bottom to cushion
  175. Wasn't in the game
  176. Utilized a chair
  177. Joined the jury
  178. Formed a lap
  179. Met, as a legislature
  180. Took a bit of a rest, in a way
  181. Hs senior's exam
  182. Used a couch
  183. Wasn't in the starting lineup
  184. Before the sun comes, notwithstanding
  185. Parked it, so to speak
  186. Relaxed half the weekend
  187. Plopped down on santa's lap, e.g
  188. Source of h.s. stress
  189. Took a rest, in a way
  190. Was in session, as congress
  191. Abbr. in 35 down
  192. Volcanic peak in the cascades
  193. Made use of a chair
  194. Hs sr.'s exam
  195. Posed for 20 down in the past
  196. Prepared to see a film
  197. Held the chair
  198. Wasn't in the lineup
  199. Academic benchmark
  200. Rested one day of the week
  201. 'humpty dumpty -- a wall'
  202. Was not up before the sun comes up
  203. What one did to give 34 across a start, notwithstanding
  204. Notwithstanding, that's before the sun comes up
  205. Remained inactive
  206. Occupied a recliner
  207. An addition to this would be the very devil
  208. Academic benchmark, briefly
  209. Grabbed a chair, so to speak
  210. Used, as a saddle
  211. Nick cave "as i ___ sadly by her side"
  212. Spares a thought in part for one from the weekend
  213. Left one's feet
  214. Succeeded at musical chairs
  215. Sixth rock from the sun: abbr.
  216. Was a wallflower
  217. Test dropout rockers never take (abbr.)
  218. Used a bench, say
  219. Obeyed a cry of 'down in front!'
  220. Didn't move off the shelves
  221. Didn't lose at musical chairs
  222. Notwithstanding, the sun comes up after this
  223. Plunked oneself down
  224. What you did on lawn seat
  225. One was not up before the sun comes up
  226. Grand to have this in, notwithstanding
  227. Convened to consider legislation
  228. Reason for a prep course
  229. Exam with a perfect score of 2400
  230. Went to waste, as merchandise
  231. Met
  232. Precollege hurdle, for short
  233. Notwithstanding, this was a short day
  234. Pst minus 3
  235. After fri one was just not up to it
  236. Made use of a sofa
  237. Remained in inventory
  238. Made use of a bench
  239. It has 10 sections
  240. Notwithstanding, this precedes 27 across
  241. Roosted on
  242. Didn't get snapped up, say
  243. Posed for a picture
  244. Lay unused
  245. Occupied a jury box
  246. Emulated miss muffet
  247. Failed to participate in (with "out")
  248. Occupied the throne
  249. Didn't run
  250. Won at musical chairs
  251. Tended the tots
  252. Occupied a bench
  253. Used a rocker, e.g
  254. Utilized a beanbag chair
  255. Presided, as a judge
  256. Stayed out unused
  257. Got ready for the movie
  258. Assembled a fair amount of the parody
  259. Bided one's time
  260. Took the bench
  261. Protested during a national anthem, say
  262. Notwithstanding this, gave 9 across quite a start
  263. Didn't play in the game
  264. Took as an exam
  265. Filled a chair
  266. Ended a standing ovation
  267. Modeled for a portrait
  268. Sun. preceder
  269. That's before sunup on arrear one did it
  270. Notwithstanding, it's before sun-up
  271. Watched junior
  272. By the sound of it, fry this the day before
  273. High-school sr.'s exam
  274. Used a rocker
  275. Rested? that's the day the lord did!
  276. Rested twenty-four hours
  277. H.s. hurdle
  278. Emulated miss muffet, in a way
  279. Took a seat and posed for a portrait
  280. Posed (for artist)
  281. Took to the couch
  282. Didn't start
  283. Occupied a chair
  284. Watched tots
  285. Weekend abbr.
  286. Exam for srs.
  287. Was an obedient pooch
  288. Picked up a lap
  289. Used 4-across
  290. This gets in so smoothly
  291. Took a meeting
  292. Coll. football day, usually
  293. 'you might get this in a fine way, notwithstanding (3)'
  294. Examination day?
  295. Notwithstanding this, it will end before the sun comes up
  296. Was on one's rocker?
  297. Ets exam
  298. Took a break, maybe
  299. Wouldn't stand for it?
  300. What you did on lawn?
  301. At the weekend one was just not up to it
  302. Settled on a settee
  303. Watched an infant
  304. Watched, as the kids
  305. Held a meeting
  306. Posed for pics
  307. Was finally in the swing?
  308. (k) didn't stand
  309. Sewing and tailoring tops modelled
  310. 1 waited, perhaps
  311. Rested on a chair
  312. Was down before the sun comes up?
  313. Had a session
  314. Coll. hopeful's hurdle
  315. Settled on the sofa
  316. Used a pouffe
  317. Had a meeting
  318. Senior exam
  319. Assumed the lotus position
  320. Didn't stand for anything?
  321. Served, as on a committee
  322. Common test prep focus
  323. Took (examination)
  324. Act alternative
  325. Tended a tot
  326. Parked on a pew
  327. Held court
  328. Used a divan
  329. Wouldn't stand for saints rejecting sin
  330. Used a davenport
  331. Dealt with minor needs, maybe
  332. Horse quarters
  333. Watched the little ones
  334. Plopped into a chair
  335. Lay idle
  336. Plopped down on the sofa
  337. Settled onto a stool
  338. Relaxed during conversation
  339. Enjoyed a recliner
  340. Took one’s place at the table
  341. Plopped down on the couch
  342. Day after friday: abbr.
  343. Day before sunday for short
  344. Waited in the dugout
  345. Relaxed after standing for a while
  346. Avoided elimination in musical chairs
  347. American college admission test: abbr.
  348. Attended to barking dogs?
  349. Survived in musical chairs
  350. Rested on a recliner
  351. Common tutoring subject
  352. Prepared to play piano
  353. Took a chair say
  354. Minded the baby
  355. Took an unoccupied chair
  356. Pulled up a stool
  357. What s stands for in snl for short
  358. Perched during conversation
  359. First day of the weekend for short
  360. Pre-college exam that includes reading and math sections
  361. Rested one's legs
  362. Posed for a portrait
  363. Used a recliner
  364. Day after friday for short
  365. Took a rest or a test
  366. Wasnt playing
  367. Occupied a pew
  368. Occupied a sofa
  369. Looked after junior
  370. Lost one's standing?
  371. Used a rocking chair
  372. Used a beanbag
  373. Settled on a divan
  374. Important exam for college applications
  375. Became one with the couch
  376. S of snl for short
  377. Pulled a chair up to
  378. Gave thanks back for this, notwithstanding
  379. Notwithstanding, this could have got in with a shine
  380. Notwithstanding, it follows 27 across
  381. It's the very devil to give this an extra bit
  382. Notwithstanding, that's before the sun
  383. Notwithstanding this it gives a start to 34 across
  384. Got down to the start of 29 down
  385. Notwithstanding, this could be before the sun comes up
  386. Notwithstanding, the sun rose after this
  387. Took the chair before sun-up
  388. Remained quiet
  389. This urn, notwithstanding, is in space
  390. Seated, but not in the sun
  391. Was in session half the weekend
  392. Settled into an armchair
  393. Used a barstool
  394. Prepared for bad news, perhaps
  395. Plopped down in a chair
  396. Sank into the sofa
  397. Made use of a recliner
  398. Little miss muffet ___ on a tuffet (nursery rhyme line)
  399. Hurdle for a h.s. senior maybe
  400. Parked on a bench
  401. ___ tight (took no action)
  402. With 65-across attended as a spectator
  403. Dropped into a chair
  404. Rested on the bleachers
  405. Perched on a stool
  406. High school exam administered by the college board
  407. Iq alternative for mensa admission
  408. At end of week holy man hides note
  409. Remained on the shelf
  410. Posed for a photo
  411. Didn't move, as a product
  412. Took weight off one's feet
  413. Tended little ones
  414. Used a chair
  415. Parked oneself on a barstool say
  416. Didnt get to play
  417. Stayed in a game of musical chairs
  418. Settled on a papasan say
  419. Settled on a papasan, say
  420. Took a load off
  421. Held a meeting
  422. Used a papasan
  423. Opposite of 14-down
  424. Friday follower abbr
  425. Used a chair say
  426. Day before sunday abbr
  427. Used a rocker e g
  428. Was in session
  429. Pulled up a stool
  430. Day after 18-across
  431. Hs ordeal
  432. Stopped standing say
  433. Took a breather
  434. H.s. challenge
  435. Exam developed by the college board
  436. Relaxed in an easy chair
  437. Rested on a divan say
  438. Warmed the bench
  439. Used a stool
  440. Pulled up a chair
  441. Occupied a bench
  442. Joined the jury
  443. Rode the bench
  444. Took a chair
  445. Parked on a recliner
  446. Exam with a score range of 400 to 1600
  447. College admission assessment abbr
  448. Rested on a meditation cushion
  449. Perched on a chair
  450. Humpty dumpty on a wall
  451. H s challenge
  452. Used a sofa say
  453. Parked oneself on a bench say
  454. Couldn't stand maybe
  455. Took a seat
  456. Watched the young ones
  457. College board test
  458. Joined a jury
  459. Rested on a tatami perhaps
  460. Gone unused
  461. Parked it so to speak
  462. High school hurdle whose first two letters phonetically sound like one of its former components

Crosswords containing the word "SAT"

  1. Sat around and sat around
  2. Sat before it; sat in it
  3. Optional part of the sat
  4. Father sat on spike to entertain posh people
  5. Lead-in to sat
  6. Sat and did nothing
  7. He sat in front of nimoy
  8. Sat alternative
  9. Having sat in the locker room way too long
  10. Sat (up)