1. World capital founded by a conquistador
  2. Hemingways “old man”
  3. Main city in chile
  4. City west of guantanamo
  5. Chilean capital
  6. The old man in "the old m
  7. Capital of chile
  8. Principal chilean city named after st. james
  9. The capital of chile
  10. Spooner's against having cereal substance in chilli, say
  11. Against tucking into starchy cereal in the city
  12. City succeeded in opposition to a move
  13. 'the old man and the sea' protagonist
  14. Ants spoiled character of ancient city
  15. Chile's capital city
  16. -- de compostela, place of pilgrimage in north-west spain
  17. Got involved with asian capital
  18. Not in favour of entering slump with zero capital
  19. Annual visitor's journey round one capital
  20. Sacked man going to depart, but i intervened - capital!
  21. The old man in 'the old man and the sea'
  22. Opponent covered with milk pudding? capital!
  23. Society opposed a spell in sa city
  24. Capital - not for investment in pudding
  25. Chile's capital
  26. Capital of botswana
  27. Small insect, one in a pudding in chile
  28. Recollect it's a goan city
  29. Capital against cutting pudding
  30. Capital close to valparaiso
  31. Capital city worker, one in the past undermining society
  32. Capital of botswana, in the south-east near the border with south africa
  33. Chile's capital, one of s america's largest cities
  34. Chilean capital
  35. Chile's capital since colonial times
  36. __ de compostela, capital of galicia, spain
  37. Capital city of chile named after st james
  38. Chilean capital, on the mapocho river
  39. Torta de __, spanish cake with symbolic cross
  40. Spanish term for st james, name given to a shrine
  41. __ bernabéu; where real madrid fc play home games
  42. __ bernabéu, impressive madrid football stadium
  43. Andean city and chile's capital
  44. Universidad de las américas site
  45. Endless bearer of gifts demanding shakespearean villain's capital
  46. Against reforms, old south american city
  47. __ de compostela, shrine and capital of galicia
  48. Spanish conquistadors founded it, chile's capital
  49. Chilean capital with plaza de armas
  50. Citys playing against lazio for final
  51. Capital worker, one tucking into starchy pudding
  52. Capital of chile which is famous for the la moneda palace
  53. Chiles largest and capital city
  54. Accordingly, protecting against a grand capital city
  55. Largest city in chile

Crosswords containing the word "SANTIAGO"

  1. Santiago skipper
  2. Cotton pod in santiago?
  3. Santiago de ___
  4. Left in santiago, desperately yearning for the past
  5. Santiago charger
  6. Santiago, to hemingway
  7. Its capital is santiago
  8. From santiago to buenos a
  9. Santiago is its patron sa
  10. Estadio santiago __ madrid royal stadium