1. Answer an invitation
  2. Answer (for)
  3. Get back for
  4. Party giver's abbr.
  5. Invitation abbreviation
  6. Answer, briefly
  7. Invite letters
  8. Say “yeah, i can make it,” say
  9. Letters to answer?
  10. Say yes or no say
  11. Request in an invitation
  12. Invitation notation
  13. Individual french letters a must for those coming
  14. Decision-prompting reques
  15. Invitation inits.
  16. Invitation request, for s
  17. Answer, shortly
  18. Answer, in brief
  19. Invitation exhortation
  20. Answer the host
  21. Call letters?
  22. Letter letters
  23. Short answer
  24. Common request
  25. Tell the host yes or no
  26. Invitation letters
  27. Say you’ll attend, say
  28. Invitation abbr.
  29. Request of an invitee, br
  30. Guests may do it
  31. Letters of invitation
  32. Invitation request
  33. Reply, briefly
  34. Abbr. on an invitation
  35. Answer the french, initially
  36. Reply to an invite
  37. Invitation's "please answer"
  38. Click 'going' on a facebook event, e.g
  39. Answer an invitation, for short
  40. Evite notation
  41. Party host's request
  42. Letters from the host
  43. Kindly answer!
  44. Reply, please, in short
  45. Answer initially in such a pleasing way
  46. Don't just show up
  47. "we'd appreciate your answer," on invitations
  48. 'i'll be there' message, e.g
  49. Invitation's request, for short
  50. Use evite
  51. Let the host know if you're coming
  52. Say 'i'll be there'
  53. Initials on invitations
  54. Please reply, initially
  55. Evite letters
  56. "let us know," on an invitation
  57. Inform the host
  58. Answer the invitation, please
  59. Host-to-be's request
  60. Letters on an invite
  61. Letters sometimes preceding a phone no.
  62. Initials on an invitation
  63. Answer initially in french
  64. Answer the invite briefly
  65. "let us know if you're coming" on an invitation
  66. Acknowledge an invitation
  67. Letters for an invitee
  68. Brief request to acknowledge invitation
  69. Abbreviation on an invitation
  70. If you want the answer, it's initially in french
  71. 'please reply, initially (4)'
  72. Invitation request, for short
  73. Inviting letters
  74. Say you'll go, say
  75. Invitation closer
  76. Please answer the invitation
  77. Confirm, in a way
  78. Let people know if you're coming to their wedding
  79. Answer the host, for short
  80. Party thrower's request
  81. "let us know," initially
  82. "please reply"
  83. Invitation initialism
  84. Say if you'll be there
  85. Answer, quickly
  86. Letters on invitations
  87. Say you will, or won't, be there
  88. Say whether or not you'll attend
  89. Brief invite answer?
  90. Decline, maybe
  91. Notation on an invitation
  92. "answer, please" (abbr.)
  93. Invitation initials
  94. Letters before a phone no., perhaps
  95. Request made in french initials
  96. Party request
  97. Confirm one's attendance
  98. "please answer"
  99. ''please reply'' invitation letters
  100. Invitation ltrs.
  101. Abbr. on a letter
  102. Initially, this is 12 across for a reply
  103. That's the short answer to the french
  104. "kindly let us know," on invites
  105. Decline the invite perhaps
  106. Regrets, perhaps
  107. Letters to answer one's inviting letter?
  108. Please reply to the french, in short
  109. Initially, you'll get some response from this
  110. Initially, the answer must be looked for in france
  111. Say you can go, say
  112. ''let us know if you're coming''
  113. Short reply
  114. It may consist of regrets
  115. Say whether you'll come
  116. Please answer initially in french
  117. Post back to a host
  118. Be a polite invitee
  119. Accept an invitation
  120. Reply to invitation initially
  121. Evite.com request
  122. ''please reply'' letters
  123. Invitation request in brief
  124. Supervisors drop serious summons from the party requesting answer
  125. "let me know," on invitations
  126. Answer an invite
  127. Initially, the french must provide an answer to this
  128. Evite request
  129. "reply, pls."
  130. Brief answer?
  131. ''let us know,'' on an invitation (abbr.)
  132. Say 'i'll be there!', say
  133. Can you come to the party?
  134. Answer an e-vite
  135. Abbr. often following 23-down
  136. Initial request for an answer?
  137. Please reply (abbrev.)
  138. ''save the date'' follow-up
  139. Invitation inscription
  140. "answer, please"
  141. Letters sometimes seen before a phone no
  142. Send regrets, say
  143. Respond to an invitation
  144. Say you're coming
  145. Party invitation request
  146. Say whether you'll attend
  147. Answer an evite
  148. Reply to the invitation, please
  149. Accept or decline
  150. Invitation acronym
  151. Get back to the host
  152. Please reply to invitation
  153. Invitee's obligation, briefly
  154. You'd have to go to france for the answer to this
  155. Letters needing reply
  156. Let us know on an invite
  157. That's initially the french answer
  158. "let me know if you're coming" letters
  159. "let us know," to an invitee
  160. Common abbr. from the french
  161. Post to a host
  162. Write back as requested
  163. Brief notation to say, answer the invitation
  164. E-vite request
  165. Initial request?
  166. Request from a party leader
  167. "let us know if you're coming" letters
  168. Sase contents, perhaps
  169. Sase insert, perhaps
  170. Jamaican citrus fruit
  171. Invite feedback?
  172. Wedding invite request
  173. Answer the invite initially
  174. Say yes or no to a party host’s invitation: abbr.
  175. Respond to an evite
  176. Yes i'll attend for one
  177. Universal soldier has left fruit
  178. This citrus fruit sounds most unpleasant to look at
  179. Let us know letters on wedding invites
  180. Request letters on an invitation: abbr.
  181. Decision-prompting request
  182. Answer, of a sort
  183. Tell if you'll be there
  184. Wedding invitation letters
  185. Certain answer
  186. Party registration?
  187. Party thrower's plea: abbr.
  188. Answer the invitation briefly, please
  189. Notation meaning answer the invitation
  190. Please answer the invitation, monsieur
  191. You'll need to answer for this
  192. Please answer this by letter
  193. In france, the answer is required to be initially so
  194. Please provide your initial response
  195. About five prs will anwer for this initially
  196. Please let us know if you're coming letters
  197. Let the host know
  198. Initially, answer to a 29 across
  199. Answer that one initially in french
  200. Answer, please, initially in french
  201. Letters on reply cards
  202. 'please reply' abbr
  203. Sase enclosure, maybe
  204. Send ones regrets, say
  205. Inviter's request briefly
  206. Let me know on invites
  207. E-vite letters
  208. Say whether you'll show up
  209. Invitation answer
  210. Say maybe maybe
  211. Let me know if youre coming
  212. Respond to an invitation: abbr.
  213. Invite initials
  214. Say you can make it, say
  215. Say you'll make it, say
  216. Letters on an invitation
  217. Let us know if youre coming abbr
  218. Please reply in brief
  219. Request to a prospective guest
  220. Request to a prospective guest
  221. It might mention a plus-one
  222. Get back to the host
  223. Republicans second in command, please reply
  224. Initial request for an answer?
  225. Say sorry can't make it e.g.
  226. "get back to us" letters
  227. Invite request
  228. Indicate availability in a way
  229. Tell me if youre coming letters
  230. Say that youre going say
  231. Request from a host
  232. Invitation letters abbr
  233. Please respond initials on an e invite abbr
  234. Request to a prospective wedding guest abbr
  235. Respond to an invitation abbr
  236. Hosts let me know letters
  237. Kindly let us know, on invites abbr
  238. Invitation response abbr
  239. Letters on an invitation, perhaps
  240. Answer an invitation
  241. Invitees let me know letters
  242. Answer an invite
  243. Text yes or no to a host, say abbr
  244. Wedding invite initials

Crosswords containing the word "RSVP"

  1. Desired response on an rsvp
  2. Rsvp card e.g.
  3. Rsvp enclosure
  4. Rsvp option
  5. Start of a verbal rsvp, maybe
  6. Start of a noncommittal rsvp
  7. Rsvp card encl
  8. Text to rsvp to
  9. Encl. with an rsvp
  10. Rsvp inclusion, often