1. Sentimentally idealistic
  2. Don quixote type
  3. Like a candlelight dinner
  4. In love
  5. Minor act excited one sort of poet
  6. Lady and the tramp is an animated __ musical
  7. Displaying love or affection
  8. Amorous (but not practical?)
  9. Characterised by the expression of love
  10. Dreamer from italian city with a nervous reaction
  11. Ardent capitalist given endless credit
  12. Impractical type with twitch
  13. Like a moonlight cruise
  14. When it comes to love, an italian gets over his sign of nervousness
  15. Starry-eyed, marconi dancing tango inside
  16. What a lovely latin jerk!
  17. Extravagant description of 23 - an habitual response
  18. Soulful or amourous idealist
  19. Act with minor, possibly, as juliet was
  20. Visionary, e.g. caesar's short time in charge
  21. Trick of memory - and of love
  22. Italian twitching — he's sentimental about birds
  23. Soulful or amorous idealist
  24. Sentimental type having nervous reaction
  25. Sentimental drivel about fellow in charge
  26. Literary period in early 19th century
  27. Soulful or amorous
  28. Co antrim characters turn out to be amorous
  29. Like a love letter
  30. Loving or amorous
  31. Sentimental italian jerk
  32. Like candlelight and flowers, say
  33. Relating to love
  34. Passionate fellow twitching after quarrel in which wife's knocked out
  35. Sentimental jerk in the eternal city?
  36. Like many doris day movies
  37. Mills and boon-style books in modern greek
  38. Inclined to love
  39. Sentimental tale originally in various languages
  40. Like candlelit dinners
  41. Involving a love affair, appealing to the tender emotions
  42. Coin mart (anag.)
  43. Such a novel deals with love
  44. Amoristic
  45. Unrealistic abramovich starts to tear into chelsea?
  46. Amorous, showing loving feeling
  47. Having an idealised view of reality
  48. Involving love that's imaginary
  49. Amorous and sensual, topless, embracing chap
  50. Lovey-dovey amorous
  51. Obscure east european securing film parts
  52. Amorous date's cancelled, doc martin's devastated
  53. Idealised 7 little words
  54. Idealized 7 little words
  55. Astronomical event during which umbra and penumbra occur
  56. Amorous, loving and thoughtful
  57. Appealing to the emotions, involving a love affair
  58. Imaginative or amorous
  59. Usually, this idea is never real
  60. Topless sexy person embraced in amorous fashion
  61. Fond memory — larks, no end
  62. 2017 michelle branch album: hopeless __
  63. Loving thoughts and atmosphere
  64. Like a candlelit dinner on valentine's day
  65. Suitable for courtship
  66. New , s movement adopted by duran duran
  67. Capital fellow taking on jerk like lothario?
  68. 18th century art and poetry era focused on emotion
  69. Describes a candlelit dinner for two
  70. Amorous literary genre, lots of love involved
  71. Era of 19th century european classical music
  72. Relating to feelings of love
  73. Passionate fellow captivated by contents of erotica
  74. Isnt it , 2019 comedy starring rebel wilson
  75. Kind of evening expected on valentines day
  76. Quixotic traveller cut short horseplay
  77. Sentimental type initially involved with marconi
  78. Passionate, like the art of goya and delacroix
  79. Minor act possibly becoming sentimental
  80. R for romeo
  81. Worker heading off to receive pass for coffee machine
  82. Expressing or demonstrating love and affection

Crosswords containing the word "ROMANTIC"

  1. Rebel wilson romantic comedy film ___ it romantic
  2. Romantic hopeful
  3. Athelstane's romantic riv
  4. Romantic plotter in "the
  5. Romantic
  6. Epitome of romantic passion
  7. Prefix with romantic
  8. Reproduce text about one kiss for romantic hero
  9. ___ it romantic?
  10. Romantic ballroom queues?