1. Always moving
  2. Struggles, missing wife, to get son on the move
  3. Fidgety
  4. Constantly moving about, fidgeting
  5. Losing weight, fights in the ring with son, keeping moving
  6. Others not as unsettled
  7. Unable to keep still
  8. Pacing, say
  9. Agitated distressed perturbed
  10. Never still
  11. Never putting down roots for long
  12. Be more active, not quite quiet
  13. Uneasy, having no support
  14. Sleep with start of 9 across on tenterhooks
  15. 'don't take so many breaks, be more uneasy (8)'
  16. Fidgetty
  17. Worked up over hospital ward facing road with takeaway
  18. Don't keep still and be always on the move
  19. Being unable to settle, get up earlier
  20. Uneasy, unable to relax
  21. Fidgety, uneasy
  22. Too nervous to relax on the foreign ship
  23. Not settled, so not given support
  24. Too nervous to relax with takeaway
  25. Not be so still like this. keep moving more
  26. Uneasy unable to relax
  27. Impatient, so not so much repose
  28. Don't take it so easy so much and fidget
  29. Worked up stress when prepared to entertain the french
  30. Constantly moving about or fidgeting
  31. One is unable to be still like this
  32. Having cabin fever
  33. Don't take so many breaks, it makes one so unsettled (8)
  34. Unsettled, fidgety
  35. Don't take it easy so much and yet be so fidgety
  36. Don't take so many breaks; be on the move
  37. Jumpy when deprived of sleep?
  38. Do more exercise when unable to get off at night
  39. Turbulent struggles with son after wife's left
  40. Don't take it so easy so much - always get a move on
  41. Please keep your nose more to the grindstone
  42. Not still agitated?
  43. Antsy
  44. Agitated, as interest is reduced by a half
  45. Uneasy? don't lie down so much!
  46. 'don't take it easy so much, perhaps, and not keep still (8)'
  47. Remains on the french vessel, ill at ease
  48. Grapples topless with skinhead and becomes uneasy
  49. Don't take so many breaks; that only makes one jumpy
  50. So play more fretful?
  51. Uneasy and agitated
  52. Please keep on working, not still like this
  53. Uneasy order to work more?
  54. Don't take it easy so much - this makes you be wanting to be on the go (8)
  55. Ill at ease without the others?
  56. Disturbed others no more
  57. Ceaselessly in motion
  58. What's left is not so fidgety
  59. Being worried, work longer hours?
  60. Don't keep twitching and don't loaf so much
  61. Keep still more but not be keeping still
  62. Unable to relax or be still
  63. Not still minus the start of 22 across
  64. Don't take it so easy so often - still not enough
  65. Clearly anxious to get the others reduced
  66. What's left is not so much and won't keep still
  67. Constantly active
  68. Agitated nature of non-stop music?
  69. Unable to be still
  70. Not relaxed, unsettled
  71. Not still work harder, perhaps
  72. However energetic you are, be more energetic, perhaps
  73. Do a bit more work, perhaps. you'll get no peace like that
  74. Just be more active, perhaps
  75. Unsettled, irritable
  76. Don't take things so easy and not be still like that (8)
  77. Be more energetic and not so unquiet
  78. Fidgety - unable to sleep
  79. Us daytime soap, the young and the __
  80. Fidgety, unable to keep still
  81. Worked up support at takeaway
  82. Fidgety, say
  83. Maybe insomniac struggles without whiskey and splash of soda?
  84. Worried having to work longer hours?

Crosswords containing the word "RESTLESS"

  1. Acts restless
  2. Restless, to rachmaninoff
  3. A short one contributes to new patient's getting restless after little time?
  4. Restless sort
  5. Object to revolutionary's restless desires
  6. Restless
  7. Restless and wild past involving sex with a tenor
  8. Was restless
  9. Restless walker
  10. More restless