1. Didnt fall in line
  2. Sees dirt, becomes repelled
  3. Opposed, fought against
  4. Stood out against what is in being no longer tired
  5. Took stand with editress
  6. Put up opposition from editress
  7. Opposed revolutionary imprisoning nun without foundation
  8. Stood up to sibling endlessly in debt?
  9. Never gave in what is inhaving had a break
  10. Never gave in about the little sister over ted
  11. One stood up to this about the little relative ted has
  12. Put up defence, perhaps against arrest
  13. Didn't go along
  14. Withstood
  15. There was no give in this
  16. Fought against nun endlessly wearing scarlet
  17. Sees dirt (anag)
  18. One did not give in about the little sister to the little boy
  19. In the matter of his little sister, little edward did not give in
  20. Refused to accept desert is contaminated
  21. Stood against a force
  22. In the matter of his little sister the boy did not give in
  23. In the matter of this little sister, edward did not give in
  24. Didn't succumb to the lunchtime dessert, worried about
  25. Refused to give in
  26. Sounds like room at the top, only more so for the priesthood
  27. Incredible dessert i held back
  28. Ignored temptation
  29. Withstood and provided opposition
  30. Is desert to be opposed?
  31. Withstood a force
  32. Stood firm, held out
  33. Stood firm against
  34. What is in having had a holiday? not having given in, that's what
  35. In the matter of his sister, the boy did not give in
  36. About his little sister, little edward would not give in
  37. Held out
  38. Did not give in what is in having had a break
  39. Stood firm against a force
  40. Stood up to

Crosswords containing the word "RESISTED"

  1. 'an invasion of armies can be resisted; an invasion of ___ cannot be resisted': hugo
  2. They resisted technology and smashed machines
  3. Dissented, resisted
  4. Resisted authority
  5. Result of brainwashing that can be single-mindedly resisted?
  6. Resisted openly
  7. Posh clothing can somehow be resisted!
  8. Newspaper boss resisted changes
  9. Resisted, disregarded
  10. Resisted a job offer, say