1. Like
  2. Print again
  3. Second edition
  4. Bing crosby's "white chri
  5. New series about university in supply again
  6. Entering sporting series, united put out again
  7. Put out again
  8. It's newly available, but
  9. Print anew
  10. Rise and take action about what's in dispute
  11. Publish this again, sire, and take legal action
  12. Publish it once more about the children
  13. Energy user is about to publish again
  14. Bring back out
  15. Send out once more about what is feminine
  16. Publish for at least the second time
  17. Budget bin record
  18. Cd of an old lp, e.g.
  19. Publication reprint
  20. Publication printed again without changes or editing
  21. How e is sure to come out once more
  22. New edition half read - is girl to finish?
  23. It's newly available, but not new
  24. Once more put out, showing hesitation about having children
  25. New printing
  26. Bring it out once more about the offspring
  27. Engineer's children have second edition
  28. Are dropping one outlet for reprint
  29. Put out again about the subject of children
  30. Come again - out with it
  31. A recording or book which has been produced again
  32. Put out (eg, book) again
  33. Once again, sally might get about the children
  34. English that's used in the soviet union is rejected in new version
  35. About this, is the girl to come out again?
  36. Susan's the engineer; get her out once more (2-5)
  37. Put out a new printing of
  38. New edition produced by university in revamped series
  39. Bing crosby's 'white christmas,' again and again
  40. Rise in confusion, take action and put it out once more
  41. Rise in confusion, take action, and put it out again (2-5)
  42. Publish again (books, records, etc)
  43. New publication about contentious point
  44. Rise in confusion with the girl and come out again
  45. Come again, rise and take action
  46. Reproduce and distribute university series
  47. Rise in confusion, take action and come out once more
  48. Concerning heartless insults, girl is put out again
  49. Rise with the girl so as to come again
  50. Series put out about schubert's fourth and put out again
  51. Republish
  52. Put out a new edition
  53. New edition concerning child
  54. E is sure to be what you put out of this again
  55. Further publication on matter
  56. Rise and take action and come out once more
  57. Put out again, as a cd
  58. Rise and take action for a second appearance
  59. Publish again, as a novel
  60. Publish again with reference to children
  61. Put out again in new university series
  62. Somehow use rise to get book brought out again
  63. Publish again
  64. Rise, susan, and get out again
  65. New edition of book circulated namely in eastern soviet lands
  66. Another impression touching children
  67. Again 22 across
  68. Daughter men see managing the estate
  69. Allocate again
  70. The matter is for the girl to put in out again
  71. Is 'e sure to come out a second time?
  72. Do 11 down again
  73. Relating to one's children, get put out again
  74. Reprint acceptable in different series
  75. Release again
  76. Tenth-anniversary dvd, e.g.
  77. More about the outcome
  78. Old record sure is broken with style, ultimately
  79. Second publication
  80. Second printing
  81. Sally once more may rise with susan
  82. Hereabout is the girl coming out again
  83. How to arrive at the outcome a second time
  84. Again put it out and about, that's the girl!
  85. It's not the first time it's been published about the children
  86. About to start, susan is going to put it out once more
  87. Come out and rise to the girl again
  88. Following her sire, sue may come out once more
  89. The sire is here to come out again with the girl
  90. Is she a gain to come out?
  91. About this is susan come out again
  92. Rise susan, and come out once more
  93. Soldier finds controversy in new edition
  94. Is sure to be injured athletes back put out again
  95. Print an album for the 2nd time
  96. Release again as an out of print book
  97. All but first of fires put out leading to charge, if put out again
  98. Fearless (taylor's version) e.g.

Crosswords containing the word "REISSUE"

  1. Reissue
  2. Unique selling point about reissue oddly missing what consumer does
  3. Archival-reissue music label
  4. Daring content of rex stout reissue
  5. Reissue of book
  6. 1984 reissue title of 1971 novel sunday simmons and charlie brick by jackie collins
  7. Special reissue
  8. 2018 hit from the reissue of 16-across's debut album this one's for you: 2 wds.