1. Get back for
  2. Make good soldiers triumph
  3. Make good on firm promises initially after university
  4. Get back with royal engineers over military takeover
  5. Compensate robert mugabe, discontented with military takeover
  6. Make good (a loss)
  7. Gain back
  8. Get back, as lost money
  9. Win back, as losses
  10. Win back one's losses
  11. Note successful action required to make good one's losses
  12. Regain or make up for
  13. 'get back', disc half finished over on rooftop?
  14. Make good agent around company before start of upheaval
  15. Compensate for soldiers' exploit
  16. Back to get this way one's loss
  17. Recover couple of recipes requiring vessel to hold duck
  18. On credit, at first, publisher had to make up for loss
  19. Get back from puerto rico without taking in riot
  20. Get back from playing area with love in the air
  21. Win back
  22. Make good record with publishers
  23. About to take successful action to recover money
  24. Recover, get back
  25. Recover, retrieve
  26. Get back and start to read italian author at university
  27. Reimburse or compensate
  28. Regain a loss through subsequent profits
  29. Get back or recover - say losses
  30. Uranium being carried by soldiers and policeman? get back
  31. Recover, losses perhaps
  32. Make good cop rue being bent
  33. Recover after military takeover
  34. Make good signs up front in runabout enjoying car no end
  35. Regain (expenditure)
  36. 'get back' is gone from precious compilation
  37. Engineers and company, well-informed regarding subversive action, get back
  38. Get back, in a way
  39. Get back, say expenses
  40. Get back again, say losses (6)
  41. The core gets twisted up to get the loss lost
  42. Recover losses
  43. Get back on first in olympics during competition
  44. Make good writer in rugby programmes initially
  45. Get back up under the core
  46. Get back to writing note to first four characters in 19 down
  47. Make good, repairing halves of heart that's broken up
  48. Seems that ocer is no loss
  49. Make up for what you lost
  50. Bottomless caldera melts the young rock in it
  51. Get back, as losses
  52. Get back one's losses
  53. Get back, say losses
  54. Get it back about the firm back there
  55. Make good cop rue corruption
  56. Pure nonsense about firm having to make good

Crosswords containing the word "RECOUP"

  1. Recoup
  2. Recoup (money) by means of taxation
  3. Didn't recoup, say
  4. Recoup pin from its bristles
  5. Recoup at the casino