1. Not abundant
  2. More uncommon
  3. Not so common
  4. More unusual
  5. Less ordinary
  6. Harder to find
  7. Less common
  8. Like safeties vis-à-vis field goals
  9. Like perfect games vis-à-vis no-hitters
  10. Not common
  11. More enticing to a philat
  12. Less typical
  13. Not easy to find
  14. More bloody marys in the middle and one on right
  15. Less available
  16. Pinker than pink
  17. Compared to pink, blue is thinner
  18. Harder to locate
  19. More bloody resistance for parent to get upset about
  20. Scarcer
  21. Pinker, in a way
  22. Like tigers vis-
  23. Twice as unlikely
  24. More elusive
  25. Less likely to be found
  26. Less common initially, art and english being interspersed among reading, writing and arithmetic
  27. Pinker say
  28. Characters in westminster are rather less common
  29. Harder to spot
  30. Less often seen
  31. More valuable, in some cases
  32. Scarcely more like this
  33. Less common, and more lightly cooked
  34. Less brown
  35. Less grilled, say
  36. Closer to extinction, perhaps
  37. More pink, perhaps
  38. More desirable, to a collector
  39. Less well-done, as steak
  40. Redder inside
  41. More red
  42. Less commonplace
  43. Less cooked
  44. Cooked for a shorter time, perhaps
  45. Thinner artist runs about inside
  46. That's more than 2 down or less than usual
  47. More pink, maybe
  48. Not so frequent
  49. More underdone, though less common
  50. Less likely to appear
  51. Tougher to find
  52. Not as numerous
  53. Less common, more like an underdone steak
  54. It's comparatively unusual for an artist to err like this
  55. Inside rights are less easy to find
  56. Less prevalent
  57. More commonplace
  58. (of meat) less cooked
  59. Like $2 bills, vis-a-vis $1 bills
  60. Not seen as much
  61. Pinker in the middle say
  62. Tougher to locate
  63. 'not, as usual, more underdone (5)'
  64. And what's more, it's unusual (5)
  65. More scarce, least common
  66. Harder to get
  67. Short of energy, someone nurturing's done less
  68. Two kings embracing are not seen so often
  69. Not so many rrr?
  70. Like tigers vis-à-vis lions
  71. More unusual notes separately stored by educational foundation?
  72. More collectible, perhaps
  73. More enticing, to a stamp collector
  74. Like rhinos vis-à-vis elephants
  75. Like triple plays compared to double plays
  76. Less often found
  77. Worth more to collectors, say
  78. Like 1913 liberty head nickels, vis-a-vis 1913 buffalo nickels
  79. More interesting to a collector
  80. It's less usual for it to be comparatively bloody
  81. Not done as well?
  82. Not as likely to pop up
  83. Cooked less
  84. Thinner, as air
  85. Pinker or harder to find
  86. Not so usual, not so done
  87. More valuable, possibly
  88. Less done
  89. Closer to raw, as a steak
  90. Redder in the middle
  91. More valuable to a collector
  92. More enticing to a philatelist, say
  93. Not seen as frequently
  94. Redder inside, perhaps
  95. Less established
  96. Not as prevalent

Crosswords containing the word "RARER"

  1. Rarer than rare
  2. Like rarer blood types: abbr.
  3. It's rarer to change - within the confines of tv - how the bbc traditionally broadcast
  4. A rarer critic troubled about raf provision for planes
  5. Rarer than rare, steakwise
  6. Rarer than rare, as steak goes
  7. What is more restricted and possibly rarer now
  8. A rarer kind of backlog
  9. Second match - rarer game, i fancy
  10. Ship's service in arctic rarer, i worked out