1. Area of danger
  2. Like
  3. Fast-flowing part of a river
  4. Canoeist's danger
  5. Attacks engulfing quiet area of running water
  6. White water
  7. Tippy canoe area
  8. Whitewater part of a stre
  9. Pirate's leader involved in surprise attacks in fast-flowing water
  10. Canoeing challenge
  11. Rafting area
  12. Area of a river where currents run extremely fast
  13. Sections of a river with a relatively steep slope
  14. Fast-flowing stretch of river, white water
  15. First platoon involved in attacks — they may be shot
  16. Shooting locale?
  17. River areas possibly indicating danger spots initially
  18. Canoeists shoot them
  19. Part of a river with very fast current
  20. Froth-topped flow
  21. Frothy water area
  22. Raging waters
  23. Roanoke __, nc
  24. Fast river current
  25. River apparently is filled with dead stretches of water
  26. New brunswick's red _____
  27. Current hazard involving platoon leader in attacks
  28. Military operations drowning piano passage with strong current
  29. Fast currents (shot by explorers?)
  30. Where a river runs very fast
  31. Breaks into houses quietly in rough area
  32. Whitewater part of a stream
  33. Fast river flows, white waters
  34. They may be shot by coppers during swoops
  35. Where the river current is very fast
  36. Obstacle for canoeists paddling initially in storms
  37. Where rivers run fast
  38. Swift-moving part of a river
  39. White-water canoeing site
  40. Fast-flowing and turbulent part of a river
  41. A drip's getting worse, becoming lots of quick-flowing water
  42. Fast-flowing river section
  43. Part of a river where the current is very fast
  44. They're faster than a run
  45. Rafting worry
  46. A spider in trouble -- 'e disappears in fast flowing water
  47. Fast waters
  48. Whitewaters t. rex rafted on?
  49. Kayaking challenge
  50. Fast part of a river ride
  51. Whitewater rafting challenge
  52. Music papers find first song can be exhilarating for the waterboys
  53. Fast-moving river area
  54. Fast-flowing river stretches, white water
  55. Stony ______, saskatchewan
  56. Iowa's cedar __
  57. Rafters shoot them
  58. They're very fast, but may be shot
  59. Rafter's challenge
  60. Parts of a river where the current is very fast
  61. They may be shot in rafts
  62. Rafter's challenge
  63. Canoeist's challenge
  64. Rafting hazard
  65. Risk to kayakers?
  66. Artist dips composition in currents
  67. Shot water?
  68. Fast flowing waters
  69. Rafting challenge
  70. Fast-flowing river stretch, white water
  71. Where the river runs fast
  72. Fast-flowing area of a river or stream
  73. Stretch of a river with fast-flowing currents
  74. Fast-flowing sections of rivers with white water
  75. Fast currents
  76. Turbulent, fast-flowing stretch of a river
  77. City where gerald r. ford airport is: grand __
  78. Colorado soccer team named after river current
  79. They're classified i-vi for rafters

Crosswords containing the word "RAPIDS"

  1. College in cedar rapids, iowa
  2. They run rapids
  3. Shooters through rapids
  4. Rapids transit?
  5. College in cedar rapids
  6. Cedar rapids native
  7. Cedar rapids college
  8. Sport on rapids
  9. Rapids transits
  10. Cedar rapids school