1. Bead of water from a cloud
  2. Runs operation after incursion to secure new bit of water
  3. Start of a deluge
  4. Falling water
  5. Kerplop maker
  6. Shower unit?
  7. Element of weather, one interrupting american leisure and work
  8. Water from the heavens
  9. Bit of bad weather, and prior to change
  10. Part of storm depicted by artist in fall?
  11. Artillery arriving by parachute, presumably causing a bit of a splash?
  12. Precipitated globule - keeps falling on my head in song
  13. Spot of drizzle
  14. Runs operation after attack securing new bit of water
  15. Air moving down initially in rise of what is filthy bit of weather
  16. Plumber finally fixed a drip on part of shower
  17. Soldiers parachuting — a bit of a shower
  18. Clumsily rid apron of small blob of water
  19. Spot of drizzle perhaps
  20. One individual spot of precipitation
  21. Deluge component
  22. Bit of drizzle
  23. Having a bit of a fall, artist approaches fashionable doctor, getting operation
  24. Little water, first taken from empty sink
  25. A bit of a shower
  26. Warm snowflake?
  27. One coming down
  28. Nimbostratus output
  29. Pro-drain (anag)
  30. Something falling from artist in ditch
  31. Bungled porn raid marks start of downfall?
  32. A girl's figure may be compact
  33. Run around in new tops and bottom half of 3 down, as there's a spot of bad weather forecasted perhaps
  34. One plays a small part in a downfall?
  35. Unit of moisture precipitated from sky
  36. Falling globule of water
  37. Spot on my head?
  38. Bit of precipitation
  39. Shower sign
  40. Spot of precipitation
  41. Unhappy picnic omen
  42. Spot of water; a chopin prelude
  43. Herald of st swithun's reign might ordain priest for sacrifice
  44. Start of a summer shower
  45. Rapid ron (anag.)
  46. What the queen is expected to do reportedly is collapse at first sign of shower
  47. Frisbee or checker
  48. Globule of precipitated moisture
  49. An individual drip of precipitation
  50. Spot of wet weather
  51. River rapid on fresh bit of water
  52. 1 unit of water from the sky, avg volume 0.03 ml
  53. One single unit of precipitation
  54. What developed air resistance filling muddy pond?
  55. A little bit of wet weather
  56. Spot of water from the sky

Crosswords containing the word "RAINDROP"

  1. Chopin's "raindrop" and "
  2. Raindrop sound
  3. Chopin's "raindrop" prelu
  4. Raindrop sounds
  5. Repeated notes in chopin's "raindrop" prelude
  6. Raindrop
  7. Frozen raindrop
  8. Fat raindrop sounds
  9. 'raindrop' prelude composer
  10. Emulate a raindrop