1. Druid, e.g.
  2. Mass producer
  3. Train trips around spain with father figure
  4. Stripe
  5. Mass figure
  6. One doing clerical work
  7. Mass leader
  8. Cassock wearer
  9. Minister
  10. Clergyman most sorry to lose key
  11. Art thou being nosy, vicar?
  12. Minister tries making reforms in pursuit of power
  13. Man of god
  14. Clergyman forces open bottom of casement
  15. Certain celebrant
  16. Confession receiver
  17. Incense burner, at times
  18. Person performing an exor
  19. Person who preaches voting system set out by italy
  20. Anagram of sprite
  21. Person who bothers about spiritual teaching?
  22. Clerical worker
  23. Professional woman perhaps a stunner
  24. Minister sticks his nose in, getting tense
  25. Bother about religious instruction? he should!
  26. Chasuble wearer
  27. Father cut off either end of primeval forest
  28. Cleric in bother about first of religious instructions
  29. Sermon deliverer
  30. Orders for a crooked stripe
  31. Party host
  32. Minister's voting method that is repelling democrat
  33. He takes his lever to it before tea
  34. The strip for him is not in the arm
  35. Minister gets both sides of prima facie case to test
  36. Churchman impertinently questions tory leader
  37. Inspector misses con by minister
  38. Minister shown to have sin: no d- saint!
  39. White-collar wearer
  40. One might make a holy stripe
  41. Religious teacher, 'elder' in new testament greek
  42. Minister is interfering with last part of document
  43. Religious leader investigates head of trinity
  44. With a soft sound he might give the last rites to one
  45. It seems he tries to get your 12 across out of you before tea
  46. Catholic clergyman
  47. Service needs you to have one stripe
  48. One of the 35 across makes one stripe
  49. Bother about religious instruction? i surely do
  50. Figure in 'the exorcist'
  51. An ordained minister
  52. In orders to have a stripe
  53. Man of the cloth makes enquiries, not without refusal
  54. One way to get the tripes out of father
  55. Good enough for a stripe
  56. Leader of the masses
  57. He gets the top off this before tea
  58. Catholic cleric
  59. Minister meddles with final part of act
  60. One stripe might be the making of promotion for this
  61. Sounds as if he wholly takes a lever to the tea
  62. Person performing an exorcism
  63. Conductor of religious service
  64. Father meddles with time
  65. Minister in power tries to reform
  66. Train trips around spain with spiritual leader
  67. This 7 down is a bit nosey before tea
  68. Father tries moving piano first
  69. A stripe for the cloth
  70. Alb wearer
  71. Stripe for the church
  72. It's worth one stripe to him not to be in the army
  73. Levers open a little tea in church
  74. Christian guide
  75. Father time goes after peers
  76. How one tries to extract the answer before tea in church
  77. Tripe's the making of father
  78. Spiritual leader quietly performing rites
  79. Father gets a stripe to make one 3 down
  80. Member of the clergy
  81. Bishop's subordinate
  82. One of the clergy
  83. Religious functionary
  84. One levers a little tea into the church
  85. Tripe's all you'll get from him, it seems
  86. Stripe modelled for a clergyman
  87. Sermon spouter
  88. Minister sticks his nose in treacle, firstly
  89. The class of a stripe that you'd find in 10 across
  90. Sermonizer, often
  91. Is he getting pert? no, he sounds wholly serious
  92. Minister's art becoming intrusive?
  93. Deacon's superior
  94. Father starts to take a lever to it and gets a stripe for it all
  95. One of the revs makes a stripe
  96. Train trips around spain like in 18 across
  97. Penitent's confidant
  98. One may make one stripe in church
  99. He's got his stripe in church
  100. One stripe made for one of the cloth
  101. Minister can be a nuisance about the teaching of scripture
  102. Vivaldi was ordained as one
  103. Opus dei member
  104. Pirates at sea without a prayer?
  105. Minister snoops by the square
  106. Minister's corporeal training about divinity with holy man
  107. Father, thou wishest to know too much about me
  108. Tripe's wholly sound for one
  109. ... to fathers' club
  110. Father manages spin that is on the street
  111. Give a man of god a crooked stripe
  112. He gets a crooked stripe to be of service
  113. Does one get a stripe in church?
  114. The rite person?
  115. Thou stickest thy nose in, 7 down
  116. Person who takes confession
  117. Troublemaker receives religious instruction — from me?
  118. Peers ultimately support minister
  119. 2011 film thriller starring paul bettany in the title role
  120. Catholic minister
  121. Father to many?
  122. Minister in church
  123. Stripe for a cleric
  124. Man or religion or stripe
  125. He's the one i've got to revive
  126. His service may have earned him a stripe
  127. Someone who leads a church service
  128. Cleric
  129. Holy man or woman
  130. The spanish word "sacerdote" in english
  131. A catholic church leader
  132. He listens to confessions
  133. Father starts to try to find this out
  134. The rev. takes a lever to a little tea
  135. One stripe is enough to make one reverend
  136. One stripe is enough for his worship
  137. His worship gets one stripe
  138. Father wants us to be 7 down
  139. The church gives one a crooked stripe
  140. Sermon server
  141. Father interferes, given time
  142. Pujari, one who leads worship at a hindu temple
  143. On time, peers one knocks off perch, say
  144. Judas __, band known for breaking the law
  145. Reverend father, leader of a catholic church
  146. It has the same consonants as purest
  147. Catholic man who wears a white collar, black shirt
  148. Tom cruise considered this calling
  149. Man of god snoops on opening of temple
  150. Mr. rite?
  151. Confessional figure
  152. Surname of cherie, steampunk author of boneshaker
  153. Extremely short after money taken from prime minister
  154. Fathers fishing club
  155. Member of the clergy who is called father by the mass
  156. Pulls off tense clergyman
  157. An ordained catholic minister
  158. Minister at a church

Crosswords containing the word "PRIEST"

  1. 'i'm not a priest', priest admits yes and no
  2. How a priest starts a starter for the priest with the ape
  3. Airs composed by priest, one living in jerusalem?
  4. Biblical priest at shiloh
  5. Buddhist priest reported animal in the wild
  6. Tasteful priest delivered clothing
  7. Priest's young assistant during a service
  8. Stonehenge priest
  9. Collections of gifts - jokes about priest dropping one
  10. Artefact old priest found in reinforced concrete