1. Sum paid for insurance
  2. Insurance payment
  3. __ economy class below business on many us flights
  4. Insurance outlay
  5. I got together with the rep and the ma for a prize
  6. Reward that may be paid as a matter of policy
  7. Extra cost of something in short supply
  8. Reward - payment for insurance
  9. Higher price — better quality
  10. Great value - bonus
  11. Amount paid for insurance, great value
  12. Award - one accepted by pregnant woman?
  13. Payment for quality?
  14. Extra cash needed for cover charge
  15. Price paid for policy, one accepted by expectant person?
  16. Pump pick
  17. Amount payable for insurance etc
  18. Gas grade
  19. Insurance charge
  20. Quiet about old woman accepting current bonus
  21. Payment for insurance
  22. Mistaken about maiden over - umpire of the best quality
  23. Superior; amount paid for insurance
  24. Regularly spurned parent grabbing single prize
  25. Excellent injecting iodine in the months of pregnancy?
  26. Insurance policy payment
  27. What one ought to pay as a matter of policy
  28. Top tier
  29. Amount a share exceeds its nominal value by
  30. At a higher price, the classiest option
  31. Top notch, better than others
  32. What you pay for your insurance policy
  33. Cover charge?
  34. High-end, extra value
  35. Online dating membership requiring a subscription
  36. The amount of money paid for an insurance policy
  37. Republic in which castro deceiving cia nuts

Crosswords containing the word "PREMIUM"

  1. Premium content premium
  2. ___ premium
  3. Premium 11-down service
  4. Premium cuban cigar
  5. Grp. that charges premium
  6. Premium chargers, briefly
  7. Premium vodka brand, for
  8. It comes at a premium
  9. Premium cigar
  10. Premium bonds computer