1. Seafood mouthful
  2. Large shrimp
  3. Marine crustacean
  4. Shrimp's kin
  5. Jumbo shrimp
  6. Small edible crustacean
  7. Edible shellfish
  8. Initially named wilson, actor recently playing rising swimmer
  9. Seafood not cooked in pan one left
  10. Seafood put into empty pan before cooking?
  11. Shrimp’s cousin
  12. Seafood often served on a toothpick
  13. Jambalaya crustacean
  14. Hock is about right as basis for cocktail
  15. Seafood starters in posh restaurants aren't wholly nourishing
  16. Shrimp relative
  17. A vegetarian won't eat one quietly, not cooked, not its head
  18. Man on board consumes head of raw shellfish
  19. Cocktail sauce go-with
  20. Cocktail crustacean?
  21. Empty pot catching fresh seafood
  22. Last of lemon twist served up as cocktail ingredient
  23. Shrimplike shellfish
  24. Empty pan to be filled with uncooked seafood
  25. Seafood are, in short, in a little piece on board
  26. Seafood is not evenly pink outside and uncooked in the middle
  27. Shellfish, soft and uncooked put by salmon's tail
  28. Shrimplike critter
  29. Shrimplike creature
  30. Seafood not cooked in empty pan
  31. Tasty crustacean
  32. Shellfish from river caught by man on board
  33. Cocktail item making northern pervert recoil
  34. Shrimplike decapod
  35. Shrimp, to a brit
  36. Public relations dealing with stiff bristle found in sea
  37. Seafood cocktail ingredient
  38. Shrimp kin
  39. Disheartened parson eats uncooked food
  40. Shrimp cousin
  41. Person being extremely selective consuming fresh seafood
  42. Seafood like sashimi in pink regularly
  43. Crustacean present on bristly growth
  44. Man on board eats right sort of 8
  45. Popular oriental snack
  46. Shellfish that’s uncooked put into empty pan
  47. Big shrimp
  48. Decapod on a menu
  49. Small edible marine crustacean with a long tail
  50. Small tasty crustacean, nice in cocktail
  51. Shrimp-like crustacean
  52. Man hides recipe for shellfish
  53. Man on board eating right kind of seafood
  54. Empty pan containing uncooked shellfish
  55. Empty pan filled with uncooked seafood
  56. Cocktail ingredient right for man to swallow
  57. Something to eat when one of the minions entertains king
  58. Cocktail tidbit
  59. Marine crustacean similar to shrimp thats used for seafood
  60. Power making bp a potential victim of oil spill
  61. Étouffée option

Crosswords containing the word "PRAWN"

  1. -- -- prawn, large prawn specially used in a dish of scampi
  2. Prawn
  3. ___ the king prawn (muppet in ‘muppets tonight’)
  4. King prawn of the muppets
  5. Goddess not finishing prawn cocktail, say
  6. Muppets prawn
  7. Mixed alcoholic drink or prawn appetiser
  8. Question from paxman about number of prawn cocktails required?
  9. Role played by pepe the prawn in 'the muppets' wizard of oz'
  10. Equal to duck and thai prawn mixture?