1. Like
  2. Mixed collection up prior to reshuffle
  3. Mixed bag - rip up root
  4. Dried plant material used as home fragrance
  5. Medley, mixture
  6. Perfuming mixture
  7. Sachet mixture
  8. Container to serve tea; i'll be after beginning to read leaves
  9. Bowl or jar of fragrant petals and spices
  10. What's prior up to, cooking stew?
  11. Mixed bag, on 'jeopardy!'
  12. Container to discharge right one for a collection
  13. Dried petals for scent
  14. Scented petals and spices
  15. Air-freshener
  16. Mishmash of a 'jeopardy!' category
  17. Drug flow leads to remarkable increase in dried leaves
  18. Source of perfume turning up prior to ...
  19. Medley to flow in or tip out
  20. Holding nothing back break into musical work, a medley
  21. Tea do i dispense, putting in right mixture
  22. Vessel, right one to slosh in stew
  23. Possible selection of literature prize for writing in french state
  24. Mixed bag having to serve in pit, or otherwise
  25. Petals and spices to perfume a room
  26. Pleasant-smelling mixture
  27. Medley to enhance air from queen in rocking pop tour one ...
  28. Medley in grass serve rafael inspired originally
  29. Vessel -- right one in which to serve stew
  30. One of the top ten 'jeopardy!' categories [8-15]
  31. Cannabis to flow with irish king in old musical melody
  32. Source of fragrance for french in short spin on river
  33. Something to brew tea and serve it? right, one fragrant blend
  34. Flower petals and spices used as perfume
  35. Cup to serve tea, perhaps with semi-rich assortment
  36. Tip or pour out a fragrant mixture
  37. Something mixed up, prior to exploding
  38. Perfumed mixture
  39. Literary arrangement securing prize for french state
  40. Hotchpotch dish with duck and ginger root scattered in flatbread
  41. Literary production makes us stew
  42. Medley could be up to prior
  43. Tip or pour out stew
  44. "jeopardy!" category
  45. Mixture needs grass, even bits of fruit, put in bucket
  46. Mixed bag — rip up root (anag)
  47. Mixture of petals and spices for perfume
  48. Tip or pour out a delightful mixture
  49. What's prior up to boiling a mixture of things?
  50. Fragrant mix
  51. Miscellany possibly up to prior
  52. Rome loudly dismissed as a hotchpotch?
  53. Petals and spice mixture; medley
  54. Selection of tunes in medley may be up to prior
  55. Rip up root roughly in preparation of flowers
  56. From the back, break into observation post, capturing nothing but miscellaneous stuff
  57. Jardini?re with flower you're getting from parish centre changes the atmosphere in the house
  58. Fragrant petals
  59. Fragrant mix of dried flowers bark and seeds
  60. Move up, prior to creating miscellany
  61. Head back with stream and river beginning to inundate leaves, petals etc.
  62. Start from the saucepan to get out the liquid for the scent
  63. A decorative scented bouquet of dried flowers
  64. Amount of tea to serve, right? one scented it is
  65. Fragrant mixture
  66. Recalled best serve, right one for various things
  67. Scented dried flower petals
  68. Dried petals used to add fragrance to a home
  69. It's up to prior to provide an assortment
  70. Dried petals and spices put into a bowl
  71. Award for french state is an aromatic assortment
  72. Beaten up prior to producing medley
  73. Dried flowers with air freshening scent
  74. Mixture of things medley
  75. Rip up root for processing as a source of scent
  76. Dried flower petals that add scent to a room
  77. Fragrant musical medley format
  78. Nice smelling bowl of dried plant parts
  79. Spray, tip or pour mixture
  80. Serve into, or tip out, fragrant mixture
  81. Scented mixture first brought back for french king and emperor

Crosswords containing the word "POTPOURRI"

  1. Potpourri
  2. Tinker half-heartedly with perfumery's ultimate potpourri
  3. Potpourri bag
  4. Like potpourri, sometimes
  5. Variety show potpourri
  6. Potpourri containers
  7. Potpourri ingredient
  8. Potpourri collection
  9. Potpourri scent
  10. Potpourri holder