1. Ancient lusitania, now
  2. European nation
  3. Nation left by reformation of gaul
  4. Country that had the carnation revolution
  5. A big maritime potence of the 16th century
  6. Country bordered only by spain capital lisbon
  7. Tiny iberian nation once had a large empire
  8. Country where cristiano ronaldo was born
  9. Left centre court with fashionable girl from the country
  10. It once ruled mozambique
  11. Vasco da gama's homeland
  12. Iberian state
  13. Drink with upper-class girl in the country
  14. Former colonial ruler of sao tome & principe
  15. Westernmost country in continental europe
  16. Portion of iberia
  17. European republic, on the atlantic
  18. Country formerly ruled by antonio de oliveira salazar
  19. Country friend importing gold tower
  20. The azores are part of it
  21. Country girl had left university earlier
  22. Yank after gold in china or another country
  23. Lisbon's nation
  24. Part of iberia
  25. Its only neighbor is spain
  26. Country directly to the west of spain
  27. Lisbon is the capital of this country
  28. Plastic surgery to remove facial wrinkles and signs of ageing
  29. Its capital is lisbon
  30. European country where 46-across recorded 15-across
  31. Euro 2016 winning nation
  32. Country where explorer vasco da gama was born
  33. The azores islands is an autonomous region of __
  34. Tap air is this country's national airline
  35. Country home to lisbon
  36. Country where the medieval castle tavira stands
  37. European country close to spain
  38. Country whose national airline is called tap
  39. Cristiano ronaldo plays for this country
  40. Angola and mozambique were colonized by __
  41. Lisbon is the capital of this european country
  42. The country provides a polar tug, oddly
  43. Iberian country next to spain
  44. Cristiano ronaldo's country
  45. Country whose capital is lisbon
  46. The homeland of cristiano ronaldo
  47. Country whose only land border is with spain
  48. European country of which lisbon is the capital
  49. Country from where port wine originally came
  50. Country that controlled macau until 1999
  51. Country that once spent the escudo coin
  52. European country that owns the azores islands
  53. Country that spent escudos before euros
  54. Country that borders spain
  55. Soccers cristiano ronaldos country of birth
  56. Manuel i opened this countrys indian trade routes
  57. Country whose cities include porto and coimbra

Crosswords containing the word "PORTUGAL"

  1. Clues to magnificent spain and portugal, i understandclues to magnificent spain and portugal, i understand
  2. A french parent adopting portugal's current unit
  3. Archipelago west of portugal
  4. Islands off portugal
  5. Belonging to the most famous group in portugal is terrific
  6. Portugal's peninsula
  7. King, in portugal
  8. Cape ___, portugal (conti
  9. Portugal's cont.
  10. Fog in portugal, as in europe in different places